a close relationship with the Loen military.

“The original language of the Southern Continent did not originate from the ancient Fusac language. It had its own structure. In the ancient Highland language, the king was also called Kadev. This is an exclusive vocabulary and was translated by Emperor Russell as Pharaoh. I don’t know what he thought, and he also named the mummy. In short, Pharaoh means the son of the gods and the king of mankind.
“Tutansess II was once a high-sequence powerful man, but after his death, the corresponding characteristics were recycled, and only his body remained and was made into a mummy.
“For other extraordinary beings, this is a material full of spirituality and an excellent object for making living corpses. But for us, it has extra meaning, a very important meaning. Our goal this time is to obtain this corpse. Mummy of Tutankhas II.”
Extra significance The corpse of a high-sequence strongman without extraordinary characteristics, apart from being used as materials, what additional significance does it have? Klein’s heart moved, and he suddenly thought of Ms. “Hermit”‘s behavior of purchasing a drop of the blood of a mythical creature.
Could it be that the ceremony for the Sequence 5 “Resentful Soul” to be promoted to the Sequence 4 “Puppet” requires that Miss Sharon already has the formula and has finished digesting the “Resentful Soul” potion. Judging from her usual living conditions, she is simply playing the role of “Resentful Soul” all the time. “Soul”, maybe it has been digested long ago. However, the words of the evil spirit in the underground ruins before seemed to indicate that Miss Sharon did not have a “puppet” potion formula at that time. Well, everyone has their own circle, and Miss Sharon did It’s not too strange to find a way to do it. Klein glanced at Sharon thoughtfully and didn’t notice any obvious changes in her compared to before. She still looked more like a doll than a living person, but nothing more sinister appeared. sign.
Sharon sat there quietly, looking at Sherlock Moriarty and Maric attentively, listening to their conversation.
“If it’s just a high-sequence mummy without extraordinary characteristics, the level of protection won’t be too high. Even if it’s just the two of you, it shouldn’t be difficult to steal it.” Klein pondered and raised a question.
In his opinion, Sequence 5 can already be called a quasi-powerful one. Unless the ship is guarded by a demigod, it will be difficult for the same level to effectively stop Miss Sharon when her target is only a mummy. After all, the responsible person Extraordinaries have too many important items to protect, and they may be scattered in different cabins due to different preservation methods.
/This time, it was Sharon who gave the explanation. She still said succinctly:
“Worry is a trap set by the Rose School against us.
“If not, 1,000 pounds. If there is, we are responsible for attracting attention and you take the mummy. This depends on the risk, ranging from 5,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds.”
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