d up, we must reach the mountain territory today!”

The old man’s words made the driver who was driving the carriage slightly stunned, and the whip in his hand stopped in the air.
“Master, please don’t worry! If the road behind here is so easy, we will be able to reach the mountain territory this afternoon.”
After reacting, Beca hurriedly replied.
After getting the exact answer, the old man’s face looked much better. As a sharp-sighted businessman, he sees problems much further than ordinary people.
He noticed the Near East Development Bank as soon as it opened. Because of Hudson’s reputation, he boldly opened an account and deposited two thousand gold coins even though his future was uncertain.
Originally, I wanted to sell a good deal to Hudson and make him a familiar face. It’s a pity that the status gap between the two parties is too big. A small customer with only two thousand gold coins is not worthy of Mr. Hudson’s attention at all.
The world is such a reality, and there is nothing Tamer can do about it. Wanting to get on the line with Hudson was forced by circumstances.
/As his business continued to develop and expand, it turned out that the owner behind the scenes was almost unable to support him, and he urgently needed to find a new backer.
It is not easy to take this step. There are many merchants who want to join the nobles. There’s nothing extraordinary about it, and you can’t even get through the door.
“Father, why are you in such a hurry? Even if it’s a day or two at night, it won’t affect anything!”
The boy on the side asked doubtfully.
It is true that doing business requires efficiency, but the current situation is different. Under the “money shortage” crisis, there is no business to do at all.
Prices continue to fall, so you can make a profit if you buy now. Almost all merchants in the kingdom are deliberately reducing their inventory.
Affected by the panic, no one knew where he was. What everyone can do is: wait and see the situation and wait for opportunities.
“No, Jack.
What we have to fight for is these two days!
The funds of the Near East Development Bank are not unlimited. In the context of the “money shortage” crisis, it will become harder to obtain loans as time goes by.
Under the same conditions, we cannot compete with the noble Lord when applying for a commercial loan.
The price decline has begun to accelerate. The current situation is that whoever has cash in hand will be able to make a fortune in the coming changes.
When everyone realizes this, nothing will happen to us! ”
Tamer said with a serious expression.
This is a big gamble. If you make a mistake in judgment and make the wrong bet, you may not be able to earn back the interest on the capital loan.
There is no problem in buying high and selling low, the key is the speed of payment. For ordinary businessmen, having a large backlog of payments for a long time can be very fatal.
This means that the time to end the game must be chosen right. Too early or too late, and you may suffer heavy losses.
/“Father, I