t to the five royal families, everyone will still be our own people. “

The snake woman said with a smile.
It’s a pity that no one can enjoy this charming smile. The few people who were still hesitant at first were suddenly filled with dead souls.
/Knowing the secret, not joining is a potential risk. When it comes to the family’s wealth and life, no one will show mercy.
A rough voice sounded, and responders immediately gathered.
“Haha, if everyone is willing to join the alliance, then they are our own.
This is a contract to join the alliance, which is regarded as a free sponsorship by my old leopard! ”
Leopard Head said loudly.
As he spoke, he took out a knife and touched it on his finger, and a drop of blood accurately fell on the contract.
“Blood contract!”
The knowledgeable old man from the Fox clan blurted out.
Compared with ordinary contracts, this kind of contract with blood as the medium is obviously more binding.
Once he breaks the contract, not only will he be in bad luck, but his descendants will also be ruined, and the bond between his descendants and descendants will be completely severed.
“Old Fox is very knowledgeable. Yes, this is a blood contract. In order for everyone to work together in the future, some necessary means are still needed.
But everyone can rest assured that this contract has no other terms. It only clarifies that we will join forces to get rid of the rule of the five royal families. ”
Leopard Head said calmly.
It’s all for the good of the alliance, and he has a clear conscience.
As he spoke, he handed the contract to everyone for inspection.
There was no trickery in the first place, so naturally no problem could be found, and soon all the orcs dropped their appointments.
On the Western Front, Marshal Campbell was wearing armor, holding a shield in his left hand and a knight’s gun in his right hand. He stood in front of the formation and stared at the enemy team in front.
Because they set fire to the camp, they encountered an army of orcs blocking the road, so they had to do so at night.
“Warriors, the time has come to make great achievements. Rush out from here and kill all the enemies that stand in front of us!
They shouted to charge, but the first thing launched was not a charge, but a hail of arrows.
Obviously, this was agreed in advance, and boosting morale was the signal to launch.
The method was a bit crude, but this unexpected arrow rain attack still caused a lot of trouble to the oncoming orc army.
The orc commander, who was stimulated, roared angrily: “Kill, kill all these despicable humans!”
In the blink of an eye, the two armies collided head-on. There were no fancy movements, just the sound of steel clashing.
Marshal Campbell ignored the enemy’s cries and responded to them only with the knight’s gun in his hand.
/As if he was born for art, cruel battles became full of artistry in his hands.
Maybe this is his true face, the steady old marshal, just a disguise for his daily life.
With his outstanding performance, Marshal Campbell quickly be