l Templars are also his clones.

Although the experimental bench consumed a lot of money, David didn’t care about the consumption. He killed the nobles several times in a row and filled his space pendant with various materials.
David summoned four fifth-level Templars, and each detection satellite was taken high into the sky by the fifth-level Templars, placed at the most suitable altitude, and flew around the Garmi star in orbit.
A total of thirty-six detection satellites wrap up Garmi Star, and at the same time form an accurate positioning system.
David opened the light curtain on the experimental platform and saw the picture from the detection satellite. Although he could also fly to high altitudes to observe the ground, there was no detection satellite that could switch to any place on the ground at will.
He saw the ocean, which accounted for 70% of the area of ??Garmis, and the rest was land.
But when he saw the four deserted lands, David couldn’t help but shake his head. The four continents accounted for more than half of the total land area. These four continents could not be left to waste there.
Managing the desert is not a difficult task for David, who has a vast amount of knowledge about the Interstellar Federation. Many of the master-level ‘research’ knowledge he has obtained are patented research results.
It’s just that David is in the divine world, so how can the patents of the Interstellar Federation restrict him.
He rummaged through his mind and found several desert management options, the simplest of which was to plant genetically modified plants.
The Interstellar Federation’s research on genes is extremely advanced, and the genes of plants are even more thorough.
As long as David chooses the plants from Jiamixing today, he can genetically modify them, so that the plants can lock in water, fix sand, and change the soil quality.
He chose wild grasses that can be seen everywhere. When genetically modifying them, he not only carried out modifications to control desertification, but also used the characteristics of the wild grasses themselves to give the wild grasses the characteristics of top-notch forage.
/This kind of technology may be possible in the world of gods, but it is either the priests of the temple or the followers of the evil god. They all consume their own energy, which is far inferior to David who just uses the experimental bench to consume the energy of kryptonite. , you can create a large number of modified wild grass seeds.
Gami is a planet recognized by the divine world as belonging only to David, a private planet.
Not far from the huge portal, David was busy for several hours, producing a large number of genetically modified weed seeds for desertification control.
/Of course, this batch of weed seeds is still far from being able to plant all four desert continents, or even one desert continent.
However, David does not need to control all the deserts at once. He plans to open an experimental area for genetically modified weeds first, so that he does not need to do it hims