nt 20 to 30 million gold coins on this land.

Hudson’s Xueyue collar alone had more than eight million gold coins smashed into it. Even if they sit in Crescent Port and impose a high smuggling tax, they will only get back more than 1.5 million gold coins.
The Principality of Mossi has swallowed up an area of ​​land that far exceeds that of the Near East, and has resettled tens of millions of refugees. How could it be possible without spending money?
Hudson made a rough calculation. Just to fill the holes during the orc invasion, including repaying foreign debts, relieving domestic bankrupt nobles, and rebuilding the principality after the war, the Moxi government spent as much as 150 million gold coins.
Before they had time to recover, another continental war ensued. As one of the main participating countries in the war, the Mossi people once again experienced a wave of money flowing like water.
/Adding all the subsequent expenses, Hudson estimated that the capital hole of the Principality of Moxi would not be less than 400 million gold coins.
Under normal circumstances, when encountering such a financial black hole, the only way left for Moxi people is bankruptcy.
Not to mention opening up new territories and expanding the territory, being able to prevent a large number of people from starving to death is considered a young and promising monarch.
In the face of adversity, he managed to find a smooth path. I have to admit that George’s courage is just a little bit more serious.
Hudson came up with this bad idea just to solve an urgent problem for the Morsi government. He never expected that George would actually carry it forward.
Judging from the feedback from various places, except for the areas controlled by the Holy See that have not been affected, almost all human countries have had their inheritance leaked.
It’s just that the inherited knowledge obtained by each country is different. The earliest nobles of the Kingdom of Alpha received it were directly contributed by an unlucky noble of the Principality of Moxi, and the rest came from other destroyed countries.
More than 30% of the nobles on the continent are paying for the rapid development of the Principality of Moxi. If economic problems arise again, it will be really unreasonable.
Some time ago, the Alpha Kingdom experienced an unprecedented money shortage due to a large outflow of gold and silver.
Logically speaking, the crisis in the Principality of Moxi, where the outflow of gold and silver was more serious, would only be more severe, but in the end nothing happened.
/It is obvious that knowledge is passed down through fire sales, and the cash obtained from all over the mainland fills the huge hole of gold and silver outflow.
It’s just that the Moxi government is good at putting on a show, and has discovered “large gold mines” one after another, and has continued to falsely report the output of gold mines, making the outside world mistakenly believe that the gold mined has filled the gap.
Seeing his good brothers amassing money lik