nd the Iliban Kingdom happen to be across the strait, giving them no chance to interfere with mainland affairs.

According to past practice, except when the human race is at a disadvantage in the continental war, the Falcon Kingdom will send troops to participate in the war, and they rarely come out to increase their presence during the rest of the time.
Because Guxuan Overseas is not a mainland country, their existence is often ignored by everyone.
In the past, they were not included in the compilation of the ten major kingdoms in the mainland.
The Falcon Kingdom seems to enjoy this feeling of being ignored, and has been keeping a low profile for a long time. Including meetings of the Human Alliance, they all play the role of soy sauce.
It is obviously abnormal for such a peaceful country to suddenly come to support the cause of a cult.
Perhaps knowing that everyone would get to the bottom of it, the Lord of Darkness immediately added: “The current situation in the Falcon Kingdom is special. Their domestic situation is already precarious, and civil strife may occur at any time.
One of the factions supporting us now has a very clear goal: to cause chaos on the mainland and attract the attention of other countries to cover their next actions.
The specific action is not yet known. However, 20% of the strategic materials they assisted are now in place.
The rest will be sent over one after another after everyone agrees to join. So what the internal contradictions in the Falcon Kingdom are actually don’t matter to us! ”
A contract appeared in front of everyone, and everyone’s expressions became gloomy.
This kind of naked distrust made everyone feel very unhappy.
Perhaps seeing everyone’s concerns, the Lord of Darkness explained sincerely:
“Sorry, for everyone’s safety, I have to be cautious!
/If the news leaks out, I am afraid that our troops will be wiped out by nobles from all over the country before we can assemble. ”
This is a real problem. Compared with the aristocratic group, the power of the cult group is too weak.
The truth was correct, but everyone did not dare to let down their guard at all and stepped forward to check whether there were any problems with the contract.
Clearly, this distrust does not exist alone. Among the representatives of the cult organizations present, no one trusted each other.
The contract was signed, but the estrangement was also buried. The next collaboration is destined to be guided by their respective interests.
Falcon Kingdom, Opry Manor.
Representatives of emerging nobles from all over the kingdom gathered together. As the initiator of the meeting, Viscount Catalino was the first to speak:
“Everyone, the topic I invited you to discuss today is a bit heavy.
Everyone must have felt that the royal government, controlled by the old nobles, has always been full of hostility towards us.
In the new round of amendments to the Kingdom’s laws, provisions for increasing tariffs have once again appeared. Once the bill is passed, almost all industries will be hit hard.