lready sensitive, became even more ugly when his mother said this.

“I’ll come back in a few years”, but how many years can there be in life?
Counting their ages, when the life essence returns in a few years, the two younger brothers below will be almost the same age.
As for himself, there is a high probability that he has been given up.
Thinking of this, Lesoul’s hatred for Hudson surged up again. In his opinion, it was all caused by Hudson.
If it weren’t for Hudson’s previous stimulation, he wouldn’t have secretly exchanged the life essence, and naturally he wouldn’t have gained a bad reputation.
“Revenge, revenge must be taken!”
Lesoul, dazzled by hatred, had only one thought in his mind – to kill Hudson.
Unfortunately, it’s okay to think about this kind of thing, but it’s not that simple to actually implement it.
It’s definitely not possible to do it directly. A rookie knight is also a knight. Ten or eight strong men are no match for him, let alone a little kid like him.
Poisoning and assassination, that’s all I can think about. No one would do such a fatal thing for him. I guess as long as I dare to reveal this idea, I will be reported by the people around me.
Even the baroness in front of me would not support it. Once this kind of thing starts, there will be endless troubles.
No matter how dissatisfied she was, the Baroness was unwilling to take risks. After all, Hudson, an eyesore, was about to go out to fend for himself, and he might die outside.
“Wait, mother!”
“Is there going to be another war outside?”
Stopping the Baroness who was about to leave, Lessul asked slightly excitedly.
The Baroness nodded slightly hesitantly. This has been no secret since the mobilization order was issued.
Baron Redman stayed up all night, so why shouldn’t she be the one next to him?
Now she is worried about both her son and her husband.
The war is full of uncertainties. If something happens to Baron Redman on the battlefield, the good days of their mother and son will be over.
Although he won’t be kicked out directly, his status will inevitably plummet. Even for the sake of aristocratic appearance, her stepson who inherited the family business still respected her, but the future of her sons was hanging in the balance.
Brother and father are two completely different concepts. Especially half-brothers, they have to lean back even more.
“Then let father take Hudson with him. He is already a knight and it’s time to go to war.
The battlefield is changing rapidly, and no one will find it strange if something unexpected happens. As long as he bribes a few people and waits for an opportunity to attack him, he will definitely succeed in one fell swoop. ”
Raisul said fiercely.
/This was the only reliable solution he could think of to design the Hudson.
After thinking for a moment, the Baroness shook her head regretfully.
Not to mention, the soldiers who can go out together have been loyal to the Koslow family for generations and are not so easily bribed.
Even if someone is really willing to do it, if they