important ally now, the Holliser family must be stabilized. Otherwise, even after entering the circle of great nobles, there would not even be a single person to guide the way.

The storm is coming!
Hudson made a decisive decision to execute the order from the king selectively.
It is necessary to attack the orcs, but the prerequisite is to preserve your strength first. As the commander-in-chief of the army, he can only continue to win without any major defeats.
Hudson has done everything he can. Not only did he become famous within the kingdom, but he also gained a lot of popularity when looking at the entire Human Alliance.
Perhaps countless years later, he may be deified and become one of the rare epic heroes in human history.
“I hope so! After all, the Hollister family’s military merit is still lacking. Even if they activate all their connections and compare with their competitors, they still have no obvious advantage.
“Let’s wait and see again!
Your Majesty the Viscount, the orcs are not soft persimmons. Despite the rapid advance of the coalition forces, if it were our people, it would be a different situation!
The enemy has become frightened, and it is no longer possible to prevent them from being careless and dividing their troops at will. ”
Hudson declined.
/It is easy to create combat opportunities, but the problem is that with the few remaining soldiers in the hands of the Hollister family, a Beamon Cavalry Regiment can destroy them.
Including the members of the Koslow family, he did not deliberately arrange tasks to gain military exploits. Not only because Hudson needs to be fair and strict, but also because he cannot bear unexpected losses.
Opportunities are reserved for those with strength.
“That’s it!
I’m too greedy.
Hudson, just treat what I just said as if I didn’t say it. The Holliser family can no longer withstand the hardships. If they lose the last of their wealth, it will be useless no matter how great their military exploits are! ”
Viscount Oran said with lingering fear.
After calming down, he realized how dangerous his idea was. If you go to the battlefield with insufficient strength, you will not be able to seize the opportunity no matter how good the fighter is.
Just like Hudson’s “use beasts to control beasts and split the orc empire strategy”, he clearly planned it himself, but in the end he shared it with the coalition forces.
It’s not that they don’t want to eat alone, it’s because the kingdom’s troops have limited stomachs and can’t swallow this cake.
If Hudson had been allowed to be the head coach before the Northern Expeditionary Army suffered heavy losses, nothing would have happened to the coalition forces at all.
With a military exploit that could make him the “Marshal of the Human Race”, Viscount Oran admired his decisiveness without any hesitation.
“Your Excellency, Viscount, don’t worry too much. The situation faced by every family is similar now, and the Hollister family is not at a disadvantage.
What determines the distribution of post-war benefits i