In order to improve his strength, the best way was to kill people and extract the life essence of others.

Perhaps tonight’s battle can give him a new breakthrough.
With a chuckle, Hel used the transformation technique to change himself into his original appearance. After all, the appearance at this moment was shameful.
He opened the door and walked out. There was a person standing outside the door. This person was wearing a white robe and dressed as a guard knight. This person seemed to be on guard for him, but it was more likely to be responsible for monitoring his every move. .
“I’m leaving. Thank your Majesty the Pope for me and say how grateful I am for his hospitality.” Hel patted the guard knight on the shoulder and said.
Suddenly, his eyes glanced into the distance, and there were several sneaky guys across the square.
He didn’t feel murderous intent from these people, they were not assassins.
/Think about it, if the assassins of the Inquisition are allowed to carry out assassinations this time, then his men will definitely use the entire Holy See as a battlefield without saying a word. The result is probably that the Inquisition is not razed, but the Holy See is beaten. It was beyond recognition.
He waved leisurely to the opposite side, and Hel even gave the spies a smile.
The attack should have started now, and even if these people raise the alarm, it will be of no use.
Hel looked up to the sky and smiled. Suddenly, he touched his heels and his whole body shot up with electricity.
The guard knight who was tapped on the shoulder just now was slightly startled, but then he felt a little surprised, because it was not the jump he had imagined – the distinguished guest of the Holy See who he had been guarding for a whole week jumped up. Just fly straight into the sky.
It wasn’t jumping, it wasn’t flying, it wasn’t levitation or any flying magic he knew.
The guard knight looked up at the sky blankly.
No flying technique can be as fast as the one I saw before, and no flying technique can fly so ugly. I saw a black shadow flying towards the south, disappearing in the faint light in the blink of an eye. In the night.
After flying for more than ten kilometers in a straight line, we were almost at the edge of the city. Raymond was not a very big city in terms of area.
Hull landed on a roof and just took a short rest. As he had expected, this new way of flying could not fly too far.
/Ordinary air blast requires 70 units of magic power. The improved air jet has become an intermediate magic, which requires about 200 magic powers. Although it is not a lot, if you want to keep flying, you have to keep using it. Magic; that is to say, it requires constant consumption of magic power, two hundred units each time, several times, a dozen times, or dozens of times. Even Hel found it too much.
But I have to admit that this method of flying is indeed very fast. It only takes less than two minutes to fly such a distance. At this speed, there shouldn’t be any problem flying four to five hundred kilometers an hour, an