rtability, these heavy golds are not as good as a large-denomination check.

Continuing the search, there were many corpses under the ruins on the south side. This was supposed to be a sleeping place.
/Hel didn’t like collecting corpses for others before, but since he became the Lord of the Undead, he became addicted to collecting corpses. Sometimes, he even thought that this might be the reason why the Necromancer was so unlikable.
The benefits of collecting corpses are great. After just walking around, he found more than two hundred magic items from these corpses, more than half of which were space rings.
There must be many good things in these space rings, but without specific spells, these space rings cannot be opened at all. If you want to open them, you can only go back and let people who are proficient in prophecy magic handle them.
/As he searched, Hull’s color suddenly changed. He saw a black hole suspended in mid-air. He had seen this thing before, and it was through this thing that the Inquisition came down through when it attacked the underground altar.
We already know from the Holy See that this thing is a space magic device, and the Inquisition only has this space magic device.
“There’s a big guy here. I just don’t know if he plans to come out or just left.” Hel frowned and muttered to himself.
Looking at the dark hole, although he was quite moved, he did not take action in the end. Who knows what he will encounter after entering the space tunnel? Not to mention that those who are qualified to use this thing must be the big boss of the tribunal. The strength of these guys is definitely above him.
But seeing such an opportunity, Hull didn’t want to miss it. He could only bet that what he saw now was the exit, and someone was going to come out of it.
This was simply tempting him to sap. Hel summoned the Immortal Throne with a sly smile, and then turned the Zanbal Ring into a dimensional spider and placed it in an inconspicuous corner.
The reason why he didn’t use the skeleton explosion this time was because there was no way to control the skeleton explosion, and the dimensional spiders were at least smarter and knew to wait for everyone to come in before catching them all.
Sliding into half a dimension, Hel waited quietly.
After a full quarter of an hour, when he was about to lose his patience, suddenly a bright purple crystal with bursts of light fell from the hole.
Seeing this thing, Hull’s only thought was to run as far as he could.
There is a ship floating in the blue sea of ??people. It is a two-masted clipper of only a few hundred tons. This type of sailboat can be seen everywhere in Route. At this moment, a haggard-looking man was lying at the stern of the boat.
Dimly, he recalled everything that happened that day.
The moment the huge crystal core was pushed out of the hole, he felt that something was wrong.
Before he had time to react, his eyes suddenly lit up, as if tens of thousands of suns had concentrated all their light together in an instant. The unusually bright light even bu