anged for him to be our captain, even if we don’t support him, we should restrain ourselves, otherwise he will They won’t give us anything good to eat.”

The fat police officer said: “Even if we don’t restrain ourselves, what else can he do to us? Can’t he all be fired? I want to see what tricks he can do as a polished commander when we don’t obey him. ”
/The fat police officer said unconvinced: “I don’t care what you think, I won’t accept him. Even if I sit on the bench, I won’t back down. If you don’t believe me, let him try.”
“Hey, who is that, Liu Hong, right? What are you talking about?” Liu Hong is the name of the fat police officer, but the person who spoke was Zhang Feng. Zhang Feng just walked out of the room and heard Liu Hong talking. Say that angry thing.
When Liu Hong saw Zhang Feng, his face turned green with fright, and he quickly explained: “No… nothing, I… I was just discussing the case with… Li Long, the… criminal, I said that… facing the criminal, I… I I won’t back down.” Liu Hong just said that he would beat Zhang Feng to death in the future, but when he saw Zhang Feng, he seemed to be a different person, and he immediately dismissed what he had just said as a burst of farts.
As Liu Hong said, the thin police officer was called Li Long, but Li Long stood aside and just snickered without saying a word.
Liu Hong looked at Li Long who was laughing at him in embarrassment, feeling regretful in his heart.
Zhang Feng seemed to have listened to Liu Hong’s explanation and nodded with satisfaction: “That’s good. When facing criminals, none of us policemen can shrink back. I hate evil and hate deserters the most. Liu Hong is Our role model, Li Long, you must also learn from him.”
“Yes, Captain.” Li Long replied with a smile.
There was a pop, and Wei Renwu couldn’t help laughing. This laughter made Liu Hong feel uncomfortable all over. He didn’t know if Wei Renwu was laughing because he was being duplicitous, or because he was laughing because Zhang Feng was kept in the dark.
Zhang Feng pointed at Yue Ming and said to Liu Hong and Li Long: “This little brother is called Yue Ming. He is Mr. Wei’s assistant. He will take you to investigate a matter later. You two are responsible for assisting and protecting he.”
Liu Hong and Li Long nodded.
Zhang Feng was stunned for a moment and said angrily: “Are you two playing chicken pecking at rice? Who asked you to nod? I want to ask you if you heard clearly?”
“Listen clearly!” Liu Hong and Li Long were so frightened that they stood up straight and shouted.
Zhang Feng said to Yue Ming again: “Xiao Yue, these two of my men are at your disposal.”
Yue Ming said humbly: “I don’t want to be sent to you. I’m just learning from the two police officers.”
Yue Ming’s humble attitude actually won some respect in the hearts of Liu Hong and Li Long. It seems that humble people are easier to like in all aspects.
Wei Renwu looked at the time and urged: “Go quickly, don’t waste time.”
“Okay, we’ll go right away.” Yue Ming pulled Liu Hong and Li Long into t