good, and the rumors of killings were also known to everyone, so he was really afraid that Rocky would attack Xue Na at a close distance. Although Xue Na was not incapable of protecting herself, His ability is really unimpressive for Rocky, who is a true demon-level expert.

Rocky glanced at Pei Jiao and was not angry. He just said hurriedly to Xue Na: “Tell me first, can the time corridor really reverse time and allow people to go back to the past?”
Xue Na finally calmed down slightly at this time. She nodded and said: “Theoretically speaking, this is indeed true, but the space-time corridor is not complete. Someone has proposed this theory since the orthodox Three-Eyed Tribe ruled the entire galaxy. Cause and effect technology, energy technology, and the highest expression of space technology, it would be too long to describe it in detail, so tell me, where did you hear this term?”
“Tower of Babel? The Endless Tower! The Way to the Sky, the Endless Tower! How is it possible! How can the legendary Tower of Babel still exist? And how can the fantasy land of our orthodox Three-Eyed Clan still be preserved to this day? Impossible! The Orthodox Three The luck of the Eye Clan has long been transformed into the luck of our Atlantis civilization. When the luck disappears, the fantasy land will also disappear. How is that possible!” Xue Na couldn’t help but take a few steps back, she murmured with a pale face. After muttering to herself, after a long time, she seemed to remember something, and her face became paler.
/Xue Na shook her head and said weakly: “It’s not a myth, but the greatest symbol of our Three-Eyed Tribe. It was a giant building with a height of 990,000 meters. The parts of the tower that are above the atmosphere are all decorated with special The technology has been transferred, and the tower body has been transferred to various parallel spaces in the multiverse, and this tower has collected all the things or things that our Three-Eyed Tribe has experienced since the prehistoric period, history, literature, art, knowledge, technology , as well as various texts, knowledge, technology, strange creations, legendary items, and even life forms that we have collected from various places in the galaxy, and even the outer planes, whether it is a positive energy plane or a negative energy plane, It can be said that this tower contains all the most valuable things of our Three-Eyed Tribe. When we returned to Earth after sailing from the alien world for tens of thousands of years, our biggest hope was to find this tower, or the remnants of this tower. Partly, as long as we get the technology inside, we have hope in fighting the ‘Original Sin’, but the result is that the Tower of Babel disappears, and even the passage to the outer plane disappears, and the most important thing is”
“The Tower of Babel exists in a quantum state. It is the pinnacle creation of our Three-Eyed Clan’s causality technology, energy science technology, and space science technology. It can also be considered the pinnacle thing created by the