into a rotting zombie. , screamed strangely and rushed towards us, but it didn’t react for a moment, so it was frightened. In fact, this ghost was very weak, and it didn’t even need to use its natural weapons. When we screamed just now, this ghost Half of it melted, and if Xue Na hadn’t collected it quickly, the rest would probably have been gone.”

The two looked at Xue Na again, only to find that Xue Na had a thoughtful expression and kept flipping the dark ball in her hand. After a long time, she said: “No, this is not a ghost. To be precise, ghosts, monsters, ghosts, etc. are basically variations of the soul body. Most of them are soul bodies that are corrupted by resentment and controlled by ‘original sin’. But this thing is not a soul body. It should be a spirit, not a soul body, it has no soul.”
Xue Na threw out some new terms, which made everyone confused. However, before anyone could ask questions, Xue Na continued: “The so-called soul body must have a spirit, which is what you call the standard. Energy and soul, which is what you call obsession, are composed of these two parts. To put it in a more popular way, the spirit is energy and the soul is the subject. This thing no longer has a soul, only pure spirit and resentment exist. It’s very strange, how did this come about? Logically speaking, without a soul, a pure spirit can only dissipate between heaven and earth. How can a pure spirit and resentment exist together? ”
Only then did everyone understand a little bit. In other words, the thing in front of them was not a ghost, but the standard energy that dispersed after killing the ghost. Can standard energy exist alone? And it also has an aggressive nature similar to that of a ghost. This situation is really weird.
Xue Na frowned and kept thinking, and murmured to herself: “This is impossible. We did not discover this new species when we fought against the ‘Original Sin’. This is completely against common sense. How could it be possible? Where is this collection of pure spirit and resentment? Where has its soul gone?”
/“Wait a minute.” Pei Jiao’s heart suddenly moved, and he quickly said: “By soul, do you mean obsession, that is, something that constitutes a natural weapon or natural food? After we kill the ghosts, there is a certain chance that The ones that materialize?”
Xue Na nodded and said: “Yes, those are the things. If this young spirit loses its obsession, it is equivalent to losing its main body. It is completely impossible for such a thing to exist.”
“World Government!”
In an instant, except for Xue Na, who didn’t know the details, everyone else almost immediately thought of a certain guess.
Before they were trapped in the fantasy land, they were attacked and entered the fantasy land because they discovered the world government’s research. The world government’s research is to extract the obsessions of ordinary people and even expand them. People’s obsession before death can be used to obtain pure and large amounts of obsession bodies, and to construct a large number of natural weapons