so drive What about the downloads of several other songs?

Face these complex situations.
The Literary and Arts Association changed its rules last June.
Now the Blue Star Season Chart is no longer comparing songs, but albums.
There are more opportunities for songs to be exposed.
Of course, the format of singles charting still exists.
However, the chart for singles is called the Blue Star Singles Chart, which makes it easier for music fans to find songs accurately and is a subsidiary list of the season chart.
After all, the singles are all from the album.
at last.
Sun Yaohuo concluded: “To put it simply, the main competition in the music world now is the level of complete albums. Singers will choose one or more composers to create albums for themselves. For example, Fei Yang, I heard that he is planning to work with Ah Bigail collaborated on an album, and all the songs in the album were written by Abigail herself!”
Lin Yuan nodded.
This is the model of the golden age of Chinese music.
One of the main ways for singers to make money is by selling albums.
Blue Star has now embarked on this path, and singers have begun to make money by selling albums. Although they are electronic albums, they are essentially the same.
after all:
The price of selling the entire album in a package is completely different from simply listening and downloading a single song!
Overall it’s a good thing.
The more money musicians make, the more motivated they are to make better music. Otherwise, can we expect artists to generate energy for love?
Making money is not vulgar to art.
Most artists have money behind them.
Chinese music is not as popular as foreign music, but few people have thought about the reason. In the final analysis, it is not profitable to write good songs in China.
Look at those music players.
In addition to Jay Chou and a few other people who can make some money by charging for their electronic albums, how about letting those singers who have no traffic and less fame try charging for their albums?
Some people may ask, why were there so many good songs in the early days?
Because if the early songs were popular, the distribution of those tapes and CDs would still be quite profitable.
Even back then there were a lot of pirated tapes and CDs.
However, no matter how much piracy there was at that time, it was still better than when the Internet became popular and everyone could listen to music for free.
After the Internet allowed everyone to listen to songs for free, we ordinary people were really happy, but the mainland music scene almost suffered a devastating blow.
So it’s not that we are inferior to others.
It is really the general environment that is a little bad due to various reasons.
If everyone is willing to pay for good songs, the music industry will definitely die.
/Not to mention another Jay Chou.
It would be okay to at least produce a few more musicians of xxx level.
In contrast.
/There is copyright protection in foreign countries, and the environment is much better than ours, so