tion that the school also provides various benefits for exchange students!

“Exchange Students.”
Lin Yuan was thoughtful.
/After Jian Yi said last time that he was going to Qizhou as an exchange student, Lin Yuan was actually thinking about whether to accompany Jian Yi to Qizhou. After all, we would spend less and less time together in the future, and he was also interested in the welfare of exchange students. interest.
As for Xia Fan
Xia Fan will definitely stay at Qin Yi.
She’s participating in this year’s “In Bloom.”
She also plans to make her debut with this show.
This has been her dream for many years. If she really makes her debut, she won’t have much time in school. In this case, going to Qizhou is an option that Lin Yuan can seriously consider.
/Because Lin Yuan is sure:
Xia Fan will definitely make his debut.
Even if she fails to participate in “Blooming” again this year, Lin Yuan will ask Zhao Jue to sign Xia Fan, and at the same time, he will also prepare some songs for Xia Fan.
In this case, the song needs to be treated properly this time.
On the way home from school, Lin Yuan called out the system and endured the pain: “I want to customize a song, the kind that costs 500,000 yuan.”
“what type?”
Lin Yuan said: “About inspiration.”
He did not mention the genre, but the theme of the song, because students have not yet entered society, and writing some inspirational songs may be more in line with the campus atmosphere.
“Deduction in progress”
“Drawing randomly”
“Song extraction completed”
“Congratulations to the host for winning the song “Initial Dream”.”
In an understatement, Lin Yuan received the information that 500,000 yuan was missing from his bank card. At the same time, there was an additional song in the music library. Lin Yuan felt that he was lucky.
Lin Yuan suddenly asked: “Wouldn’t it be a problem if the bank deducts the money?”
The system said: “Don’t worry, the bank can’t find any problems, because the system deducts the host’s funds through formal channels.”
Lin Yuan decided to submit the song next month.
With his grades this semester and this song, it shouldn’t be difficult to get a place as an exchange student.
Of course.
After all, this semester has just started, and there is still a long time before the next semester, so thinking about these things now is quite far away, and Lin Yuan is just preparing for a rainy day.
ps: Friendly reminder, this book will be on the shelves in two days.
Lin Yuan asked curiously: “By the way, system, what do you plan to use the money I spent on customizing songs?”
Does it cost money to upgrade the system?
Of course, the result was not like this. The system’s answer was somewhat beyond Lin Yuan’s expectation: “Donate to those in need in this world.”
It turned out to be for charity.
Lin Yuan nodded and said nothing more.
Everything went as usual in the following days until April 18, another weekend holiday. Lin Yuan finally informed Sun Yaohuo: “Get ready to come to the company. We will start re