ers in the team, and the real demon-level powerhouses are definitely enough. Under the attack of three real demon-level powerhouses, this real demon robot, which was supposed to be very powerful, only lasted for one minute. When it arrived, Gong Yeyu cut it open and divided the body into pieces, turning it into a natural weapon with a large amount of standard energy.

“The laser sword is so cool.”
This is a natural weapon with a laser sword with a capacity of 1,200. Once the standard energy is input, a dark blue laser beam will shoot out from the handle of the sword. Putting aside everything else, this shape alone is It was indescribably cool, so when Pei Jiao took over the laser sword named Blue Star, several people around him showed envious expressions.
Pei Jiao’s heroic spear blade had been beaten to pieces in the battle on Easter Island, and even the great ax of violent flames was lost on Easter Island. There was no more powerful natural weapon, which was detrimental to the display of his strength. With huge restrictions, this natural weapon with a capacity of over a thousand laser swords naturally fell into his hands.
In fact, Pei Jiao danced with the Blue Star Laser Sword and looked at the bright dark blue laser beam. He was extremely happy in his heart. After all, this laser sword is so handsome. Let’s not talk about its power. It’s just about its appearance. The Heroic Gunblade is comparable to the Heroic Gunblade by several blocks, and a true demon-level natural weapon with a capacity of 1,200, as long as its special attributes are not too rubbish, this natural weapon is much stronger than the Heroic Gunblade.
/“Okay, now I have changed from Final Fantasy to Jedi Knight.” Zhang Heng said sourly from the side. In fact, this young man really hopes to have such a handsome natural weapon. According to him, when he returns to society, Occasionally, he can still show off among his friends. If he shows off such a handsome natural weapon, it will be doubly honorable for him.
“Stop daydreaming there. Do you think that even after we leave this fantasy land, we can show up boldly? You know, we have become rebels now, and we are not rebelling against one country, two countries.” The country is almost an opposing world government. It would be better if we didn’t show up. They won’t do anything to our families just to silence their mouths, but what if we show up? The only result can only be a fight. You must know that we and It is no longer possible for them to reconcile.” Pei Jiao said to Zhang Heng while waving the Blue Star Laser Sword.
Zhang Heng was a little sad. Compared to the rest of the people present, he can be said to be the most ordinary one among them, both in terms of life experience and thoughts. Moreover, he is not old and has read more fantasy novels on weekdays. So I have always regarded becoming a soul after death as an adventure, but deep down I still want to return to a peaceful life, go back to see my parents, brag and fart with my classmates and friends, and so on. But at this moment, Pei Jia