considered the only attempter in the human soul!

But it is not easy to be a pioneer. In the past four months, Gong Yeyu, who is already a half-step demon king, has been trying to break through to the real demon king level, but he has never succeeded in any of his attempts. This situation has made everyone’s emotions become tense. She was even more depressed and depressed. Except for Valkyrie, who was still as calm as ice, even the little girl Stana she brought seemed a little irritable. Only she still stayed alone quietly, taking out her phone from time to time. watch to check the time.
Until this time, Gong Yeyu failed to break through to the Demon King level again. Because the time was getting late, everyone decided to spend the night in this hall. However, none of them were in a good mood and had no intention of talking. They just calmed down their thoughts quietly. I am obsessed with food and plan to rest after dinner.
Unexpectedly, at this moment, Valkyrie suddenly said: “We have been in this room before.”
/Everyone was a little numb as they were used to it, but who knew that Valkyrie suddenly seemed to drop a big bomb? Everyone present was so shocked that they didn’t even have time to come back to their senses. They looked at her blankly, and then Everyone was excitedly looking for the symbols and numbers left by the two girls on the walls.
After all, in these four months, everyone has been living the same kind of life. What they see when they wake up every morning is a future super-technical room environment, and they have not encountered any thrilling things in the surrounding corridors. They are just some demon-level ghosts. Any hall or hall they walk into seems to have been there before, but there are no traces left. Therefore, over time, everyone has no idea whether this fantasy land is really “infinite”. Disagreements arose, and even Pei Jiao, Yang Xuguang, and Yu Nudichen were shaken. After all, four months, more than a hundred days, thousands of small halls and hundreds of halls, and there was still no A Repeating Room Could it be that this fantasy place really transcends the scope of matter, or is it really too huge and boundless, so this kind of “infinity” appears?
But all this numbness, dullness, and even wavering were shattered by Valkyrie’s words. After being stunned for a few seconds, everyone cheered and looked around. Unfortunately, their search only lasted for tens of seconds. It’s just that this hall is not too big. If seven or eight people let go and search for the wall, they can find one in a few dozen seconds at most. And when everyone found one, they all looked at Val with incomprehensible eyes. Kiri suspected that she was talking nonsense, because there were no symbols or numbers left by anyone in the entire hall.
When Valkyrie faced everyone’s questioning looks, she still looked calm and relaxed. She just raised her hand slightly and pointed at the ceiling. Sure enough, somewhere on the ceiling, there were two sets of symbols and numbers. Side by side, one of them is the engraving