then to the subsequent counterattacks and chaos of cultivation, anyone who can be called an emperor is only one step away from reaching Pan Yujun. The strongest ones.

For example, Emperor Jun of Heaven, Emperor Taiyi of East, Emperor Fuxi of Humans, Emperor Nuwa of Wa, etc.
Fuxi is one of them, and he is probably a terrifying figure comparable to the Emperor and the Eastern Emperor!
“His Majesty the Human Emperor, why do you want to kill us all? As great as you are, you should know the purpose of bringing the three of us to this dimension at such a huge cost, right? We just want to survive. ”
Just when the three-legged golden crow was sighing, unexpectedly, a violent vibration suddenly came from below. This vibration was so violent that even the illusory sun it was on shook. It was so frightened that it immediately fell down. After looking at it, you should know that it is just a projection now. It seems powerful, but in fact it is only half as good as Ba Xia. The reason why Ba Xia is so scared is mainly because of its past reputation and the strength of its true body.
/But Ba Xia didn’t know that at this moment, its strength was severely damaged, so it needed to use projection to come to the human city. Its true body could not leave Avalon for a moment, and if the projection here was broken up, Then it will take more time to recover its true form, so it has to act cautiously.
At this moment, on the ground, Ba Xia and a human man were clasping their hands and wrestling with each other. Circles of blue waves were confronting each other with circles of colorless waves. In fact, the blue waves were very obvious. It’s Baxia’s aura field, but the colorless fluctuations
/“Heart, the light of the soul?”
In the deepest part of all life consciousness, the lowest level of the spirit, and the core of the soul, there lurks a god, a demon, and a supreme power. That is the unique power of each living body, a power that belongs only to itself. , this is the so-called symbol of the intermediate level Holy Soul of Light of the Soul!
Li Lian grabbed the palm of the bully in front of him. In fact, he didn’t use any power at all. It wasn’t that he despised the alien holy soul in front of him, but that he had no power for a long time. Now he is dying and relying solely on his will to support him. However, he had a feeling that as long as he moved his consciousness, the holy soul in front of him would fly into ashes and be annihilated, so he moved at that moment, and the movement of his body caused colorless fluctuations in his body to tremble.
Yes, this colorless fluctuation is not the embodiment of a momentum field, nor is it even the embodiment of energy, but a pure shock, fluctuation, trembling, vibration coming from the deepest part of Li Lian’s soul, and even driving It caused the oscillation of the surrounding air and even the oscillation of space.
Li Lian inexplicably understood the power he suddenly realized. The name of this power was shock, and it was the light of his soul.
“Pah, pah, pah, pah”
Li Lian fel