up immediately and said. After the three people discussed it, they immediately separated to collect evidence.

Owen didn’t originally plan to go to Sherut, but now he had to go. Because it can be seen from the accounts that most of the expenditure on employee benefits was spent on Sherut.
/Along the way, he was still thinking about how to dig out evidence. Should he bribe a few insiders? How much does it cost to buy it? Where does this money come from? All this gave him a huge headache.
But when he got off the train, he was completely stunned.
There is no need to dig for evidence, the evidence is right in front of you.
Sherut almost completely changed her appearance. The most changed thing is that the Union Steel Company’s logo – three superimposed rings – can be seen everywhere in this small city.
Although the original Sherout was very popular, it was built only a short time after all. Therefore, although the prosperity is comparable to Miscon, most places still appear to be sparsely populated. However, now Sherut’s eyes are full of people. Although the population density is still not comparable to that of giant cities like Poli and Fansai, it is no different from Miscon in the past.
Naturally, there were more carriages when there were more people. Originally, the majority of people in Sherut were private carriages. Because Sherut was much smaller than Miscon, it seemed unnecessary to rent carriages. But now there was a long row of cabs parked in front of the station. When the coachmen arrive at the people who are leaving the station, they always shout in half-baked Beru dialect: “Are you going to the new city?”, “If you want to go to the new city, you can take my carriage.”, “It’s cheap. , very cheap, my carriage is no more expensive than a public carriage.”
“What on earth is going on?” He casually grabbed the guard at the station and asked.
The doorman saw that he was wearing top-notch clothes and immediately knew that he was a rich man. In addition, Owen spoke in Beru dialect, and the doorman was also from Beru, so he naturally knew everything.
“It used to be just a small town, which was okay, but since more and more people moved here, the place has become smaller. A few months ago it didn’t feel too crowded, but two months ago, United The steel company suddenly announced that it would arrange accommodation for the company’s employees and help arrange for their families.” The guard kept praising him, obviously extremely envious.
“Of course there is no room for so many people to live in, so the United Steel Company is looking for empty land everywhere to build its own houses. All the land in Sherlut is in the hands of the real estate developer Xia Long. I heard that that guy has already taken Xerlu All the land within ten kilometers around Te was bought.
“Within six kilometers from here, there are more than a dozen large, leveled pieces of land, and Sharon has already built houses on these pieces of land – but they were originally intended to be used as factories. , so the houses built are all high and