The two sides started talking directly.
Even some Qin Qi cartoonists were unhappy!
“Chu people are so arrogant!”
“Obviously there are many cartoonists releasing new works in August, but Saury and Xuehai treat it as a derby. In fact, this behavior not only ignores the shadow, but also ignores all the cartoonists in Qin Qi! ”
“I really hope someone can educate them hard.”
“It’s easier said than done. Chu Ren’s animation production and comic quality have always been in a leading position in Blue Star.”
“It can only be said that comics are indeed Churen’s area of ​​expertise.”
“Shadow didn’t respond. He didn’t want to pay attention, but he really had no choice.”
“Before the Chu people joined the merger, Shadow was considered a top cartoonist, but compared with the most powerful cartoonists among the Chu people, Shadow has no advantage at all.”
If you can’t beat it, you just can’t beat it. There’s nothing you can do about it.
There are not many cartoonists in Qin Qi who can compare with Chu people in cartooning performance, but the number is too rare.
At least Shadow has no chance of winning when he encounters the saury and the sea of ​​blood.
So although there was a lot of quarrel in the comment section of the interview between Saury and Blood Sea, everyone knew in their hearts that Chu Ren had the arrogance in comics.
But even so, the bickering between the two sides will not stop there.
August hasn’t arrived yet, but the air of tribal comics is filled with the smell of gunpowder, a bit like a storm is coming.
Inside Lin Yuan’s studio.
Luo Wei seemed to be turning her grief and anger into strength, and plunged into the painting of “Death Note”, working a little more seriously than usual.
Lin Yuan was drawing slowly and saving the manuscript as usual.
“Made so quickly?”
Lin Yuan felt a little surprised.
“That’s it.”
Lin Yuan remembers that “Net King” was not broadcast in this format.
Jin Mu seemed to see Lin Yuan’s confusion and explained: “I learned this production method from the Chu people. I have to admit that the Chu people have very rich experience in this area. They can guarantee the quality within a week.” Complete the production of an episode of cartoons as much as possible.”
That’s right? Chu Ren’s company bought the animation production rights for “Spirit of the Halberd Eater”.
Jin Mu said: “I have already seen it? The degree of restoration is very high.”
“It’s half past five, boss, do you want to take a look?” Kaneki looked at his watch.
At six o’clock? “The Spirit of the Halberd Eater” will be broadcast.
Lin Yuan sat on the sofa.
There is a computer in his studio for viewing.
Soon, it was six o’clock? Lin Yuan saw the official version of “The Spirit of the Halberd Eater”.
The plot remains basically unchanged.
How the comics are drawn is basically how the animation plot is presented.
It’s just that some storyboards, as well as some pictures and transitions have been artistically processed by the director, making it more comfortable to watch.
And with the s