with company culture and the like.

In the conference room.
Many songwriters couldn’t help but sneer.
It almost didn’t even make the top 100 list.
“three million?”
“Are there any experts?”
“Ace songwriter?”
The composers of Red Moon suddenly stopped being contemptuous. Whether it was luck or other reasons, three million orders are not a small amount.
If this was a small amount, Hongyue wouldn’t hold a special meeting for Seven Star Entertainment’s three million order!
Of course, this level of attention is not just because of money. If it were just for money, Hongyue and Lone Wolf would not attach so much importance.
The main reason is that Hongyue wants to take this opportunity to defeat the lone wolf, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the company’s ranking.
To know.
The rankings of Lone Wolf and Red Moon are very close.
The two companies can completely form a pattern of trade-offs.
This is also the reason why Seven Stars chose Hongyue and Lone Wolf at the same time. They just saw that Lone Wolf and Hongyue couldn’t deal with it, so they used the competition between the two companies to get them to take this order seriously.
“It seems you have understood.”
The deputy director nodded: “This is why our company stipulates that we must go all out for any competitive orders. In addition to Starlight Music, the two companies ranked in the 30s and 50s have also performed quite well recently, with tens of millions of Don’t overturn. After all, among the many competing orders in Qizhou, there have been several cases of large companies overturning. These are all lessons learned from the blood of our predecessors.”
Even if Seven Star Entertainment wanted to try its luck, it wouldn’t be a mess among Qizhou Party B.
The company standards they choose have certain basis.
For Hongyue and Lone Wolf, the other three companies are not a big threat, but they are not without threat.
After the meeting.
The supervisor smiled and said to the deputy supervisor: “Why do you have to be so conservative? Our company has received a lot of competitive orders. When has it ever overturned?”
The supervisor planted a flag for himself.
“Isn’t this because we want them to go all out.” The deputy director shrugged: “The real target is still the lone wolf, but the lone wolf has never overturned the car. How can a car overturn so easily?”
The deputy director also planted a flag for himself.
For the two of them, planting flags is actually a work adjustment, especially when the situation is relatively clear.
For Lone Wolf and Hongyue, losing to each other is not an overturn, because both companies are very strong.
But if they lose to the other three companies, it will be considered a real overturn, because the strength of the other three companies is much worse than Hongyue and Lone Wolf.
So the flipping thing was just a joke.
Because there’s not just one car on this list, but two!
Hongyue and Lone Wolf took over Qixing’s competition order!
Probably the Qizhou music scene has been quiet for too long, w