of creatures you are or what garbage heap you came from, but you actually dare to kill my compatriots and kill my people. How do you want to die?” Pei Jiao became even more furious. , his expression became calmer, but the movements of his hands were a bit scary. He walked all the way towards Ala Mu and some vindictive dwarves around him. The dwarves who were close to him along the way were easily skinned and torn into pieces by him. A ball of naked flesh and blood, and the most important thing is that they are not dead. These dwarves immediately started screaming in horror, rolling on the ground, turning into skinless monsters.

“I said, I’m going to skin you, do you think I’m joking?” Pei Jiao walked faster and faster with a calm expression, leaving more and more skinless dwarves behind him, and the more and more In this way, Alamu and the dozen or so people around him looked increasingly desperate, and their bodies were wet with sweat like rain.
/“Sir! Sir, please forgive us! We did not know that this human tribe was protected by a holy spirit like you. It is our fault. We are willing to compensate you for this with enough gold coins and various equipment and weapons. We dwarves will definitely It’s a race that is one and the same. Please forgive us for the sake of our dwarves’ many clan ancestors.” It’s impossible for Alamu to run away now. Being oppressed by this aura field, this is an oppression more terrifying than Longwei. Unless there is a legend who forcibly withstands the aura field, or the aura field of a high-level Holy Spirit neutralizes it, it is impossible for them to even run away. The current situation is stronger than that of humans, and the dwarves are not as arrogant as the elves. , he immediately begged for mercy.
Pei Jiao looked behind him with a sneer, and said loudly to the humans: “I heard just now that these dwarves are going to capture you as slaves, right? Do you know where these dwarves gather?”
Those people were already scared to death at this moment. From the despair and pain when they were hunted by the dwarves, to the surprising changes now, a “human” exactly like them appeared, but was this still a human? The strength was terrifying, the speed was astonishing, and they skinned these dwarves as easily as toys. They did not feel any oppression, but they also knew that this “human” must have done something, and suddenly all the dwarves were killed. Paralyzed on the ground, unable to even move. What is this? It must be divine power! That’s right! It’s divine power!
Just when these human beings were desperate and suddenly hopeful, and suddenly excited to death, they suddenly heard Pei Jiao’s words. Suddenly, dozens of them shouted something loudly, but Pei Jiao didn’t care, he also understood. Knowing what these people were going to say, it was obvious that they knew where the dwarves gathered, and they even said that most of them escaped from that gathering point, and there were more than a thousand humans inside who were treated as slaves by the dwarves.
After hearing this, the