ating disciples is actually to declare to the outside world that he is an orthodox Qi practitioner and has never practiced Nuo. In this way, he can get rid of the suspicion of taking human-shaped medicine.”

Xiaoyao Zhong said: “There should be a reason for this. He is very upright in front of others and cherishes his reputation very much.”
Xue Ying calmed down and said: “Senior Xiaoyao, you haven’t explained clearly what the human form medicine is.”
“The great medicine in human form is the great medicine of the Six Secrets. However, the seeds of this great medicine are planted in the human body.”
Xiaoyao Zhong said, “First of all, we need to select and breed. Choose a young man with excellent qualifications and understanding, the best is a young man, regardless of male or female, and arrange a cave, heaven, paradise, or cave mansion on the place where this young man must pass, so that he will not accidentally Discover the blessed land or cave mansion in the cave, and get the secret book passed down by you.”
Xu Ying couldn’t help but think of Zhou Qiyun’s experience. It was in the Niwan Palace of Qinyan Cave in Wuwu Mountain that Zhou Qiyun accidentally inherited the ancient Nuo method.
Xiaoyao Zhong said: “We will even prepare panaceas to help this young man open some mysterious doors and help him practice. As a young man, he has obtained the secret books passed down by the ancient immortals, understood the cultivation methods, and obtained various magical methods. Are you grateful? How can you be suspicious? This is called selective breeding.”
Xue Ying’an’s head was buzzing.
This reminded him of Li Xiaoke’s conversation when he met Xu Ying in the leek field. There seemed to be some kind of echo between the two!
/An Qi asked curiously: “Choose the breeding of leeks?”
It sighed: “Lingling is a good place. A hundred thousand mountains all respect Jiuyi. Jiuyi is the king of thousands of mountains and buries the emperor. Naturally, it will attract the covetousness of many old guys. Fortunately, he also inserted one. Feet, Chen Mianzhu, the leader of the Southern Dian Kingdom, carefully selected and planted the human-shaped medicine. However, he realized that it was too slow to select and grow the medicine, so he took the breeding route. ”
/Xu Ying’s heart moved slightly and he said: “The breeding route is the Yuan family, right?”
Xiaoyao Zhong praised: “As expected of an immortal immortal, he is really smart.”
Xue Ying’an didn’t quite understand and looked confused.
“His breeding is to cultivate six ancient families. Shendu Yuan family is one of them. In fact, there are other five major families.”
Xiaoyao Zhong said, “Leave a trap in the Nuo method, disguise it as an ancient immortal method, and pass it on to a young man with good qualifications. Through some secret operations, let this young man develop a family, and there will be The Nuo method of the trap is passed down to the next generation and passed down from generation to generation. The family members of this family have cultivated to the realm of