p, and he can see the creatures under the swamp. He holds two four-foot-long knives in his hands.

What frightened Hull was that the group of people led by the bloodthirsty killers did not dodge along the road like them at all. Except when they encountered Thousand Nematodes, the magician would send a red light over and cut the Thousand Nematodes. In addition to being broken into pieces, other creatures that dared to block the way were chopped into several pieces by the bloodthirsty killer’s double knives.
Anger and melancholy, these two emotions appeared in Hull’s heart at the same time. At this moment, he felt even more sad about the death of the coach and the elf magician Patch, but he had no intention of telling Old Man Moon and the Reaper about it.
After coming out of the black forest, Hel had already thought of the next battle plan.
The battle in the Black Forest made him realize the strength gap between himself and his opponents. He would no longer go head-to-head like this, but would use the powerful monsters deep in the Devil’s Mountains to deal with them.
He already knew from the old man that the monsters he might encounter along the way would become more and more powerful, and with Feilong Mountain as the dividing line, the previous monsters were just some powerful mutant creatures. Starting from Feilong Mountain, the monsters that followed would Not only is he powerful, but he also possesses considerable wisdom.
After throwing a few pieces of fresh meat to the phantom owl who brought back important information, Hull was about to tidy up his “residence”, but his eyes were attracted by a small thing.
On the swamp near the island, a gray shadow was flying past.
Before he could take action, Hull saw the little thing turn around and run up the island, and got into the group of animals captured in the Ghost Mountains.
Those bat-like wings, those strong hind legs, and that slender tail. Seeing these, Hull immediately remembered that the little thing was the one they caught in the Yinhun Mountains. The elf magician patched it and called it the “Long Distance Runner” “King” kind of animal?
At that time, the patch was just a joke. Since then, because this little thing has been of little use, Hull has gradually forgotten about it.
/Hull recalled the sight of the long-distance running king flying lightly in the swamp just now, and his thoughts were touched. Suddenly, a novel idea jumped out of his mind.
He took a few steps and grabbed the long-distance running king in his hand.
Gently unfold the pair of wings. The wings are not big, and appear to be very thin. They have no developed muscles. Such wings are unable to flap at all and can only play a role in gliding.
However, these wings can actually support the weight of its body. This is why the little guy can run on the swamp.
Ever since the battle in the Black Forest, one thing has always troubled him. After discovering the benefits of Qinggong, Hull has been troubled by his lack of internal strength.
Although Qinggong is good, it cannot continue to be