a good thing will never happen. So, for the four of us, the only thing we need now is the appearance of this Black Seraph.” .” said the middle-aged magician.

Miscon’s secret police officers are carefully deployed in every corner of this mining city, always alert to the movements around them. As soon as they find traces of the Black Seraph, they are ready to report to the remaining personnel in the bureau.
However, Hull himself and Leda’s father were sitting leisurely in a secret room at the moment.
This secret room is not big, with wine racks occupying the entire wall on both sides, and a row of display cabinets near the window, which hold exquisite jewelry, most of which are the finest of the treasures discovered by Hull. There are famous paintings placed near the door, which are still stuffed into the original cylinders.
Lida’s father was lazily leaning on the sofa, while Hel was sitting upright. Both of them had cigars in their hands. As the little firelight flickered, the secret room was filled with smoke.
There are seven or eight wine bottles on the coffee table in the middle. They are all top-notch collections. Naturally, such precious wines cannot be mixed.
Therefore, there was also a row of glass wine glasses in front of the two people, and different wines were poured into different wine glasses. On the corner of the coffee table were cheese slices, foie gras jelly, caviar and other side dishes.
The recent period has been the most enjoyable time for Hull. On the surface, he and Mr. Chalon are still in a subtle state of hostility, but privately, they are already close collaborators. .
As early as ten years ago, Mr. Sharon had imagined that his Lipton firm would engage in lucrative luxury goods business. To his disappointment, whether it was wine, jewelry, cigars, watches, or clothing, they all had a There is no way for people who are not in a fixed circle to enter.
The reason why he wants to run these businesses is that, in addition to high profits, the more important reason is that luxury goods trading is the most suitable for smuggling. These goods are expensive and extremely taxed. The profit from normal trading is equivalent to ten times that of ore trading. , four times that of metals traded, and twice that of industrial machinery.
Through smuggling, profits can be doubled compared to normal transactions.
How could he not salivate over such a good deal?
/The appearance of Hull opened a door for him.
/The tailor shop where Hull worked once served the palace, so he was somewhat familiar with other palace suppliers.
Those who can serve as suppliers to the palace are naturally the most outstanding brands in all walks of life. As long as they hook up with these people, they can definitely get through to other luxury goods suppliers in Fansai.
Because of this, Mr. Chalon has been working hard to make up for Hull in recent days, in addition to making him familiar with various perfumes, famous wines, expensive ingredients, tobacco and cigars, various works of art and collectibles.
He was also asked