ood from the ruins of the city, and only then can it be possible to bring these food to the tribesmen for consumption, and even more They may be taken away and brought back to a city or fortress guarded by the army.

When they think of this, the people in the cave want to go to that city or fortress immediately, where they can have safety, food, and survive. Such a simple request is the so-called paradise in their eyes!
/But even if you understand this, you can also guess that the visitor must have a safe city or fortress, as well as a large number of thermal weapons or troops. Otherwise, he would definitely not dare to dig into the city and obtain materials like glucose when surrounded by alien races. But even thinking of this, they did not dare to leave the cave easily. Besides, any strange beast could eat them alive, and the royal army rescued their group from the elves. Life, in this apocalyptic environment, human beings rely on each other, and their relationship is a thousand times better than two years ago. It is absolutely impossible for them to abandon the king’s army and escape alone.
Just like that, after three days and three nights, Wang Jun finally woke up from his coma, which also made everyone who had been worried about him feel relieved. After feeding Wang Jun two large bowls of yam paste, everyone immediately couldn’t wait. After telling everyone about these plastic bags and their respective guesses, everyone looked at Wang Jun with burning eyes, just waiting for what order he would give.
Wang Jun was also shocked in his heart. The more he thought about everyone’s speculations, he looked at the dead grass around him and saw that there was no trace of fighting or blood at all. At that moment, he had some idea, and it turned out to be just as these people had guessed. Like that, the people who took away his tribe may not be some alien race, but may be an organized human army or something, and it may really be like what everyone said, with a large number of thermal weapons and a safe city or village. It could even be government troops!
Wang Jun’s heart suddenly became hot, and he immediately said: “It is indeed true. If you think about it carefully, it is really possible that it is like this. Without a large number of thermal weapons, it is impossible to resist those alien races. Without a complete It is absolutely impossible to organize an army and excavate the ruins of a city without order, so it must be a large gathering point with tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of people gathered, a real city!”
In such an excited mood, Wang Jun immediately felt his body shaking a little. At that moment, he did not dare to continue to show off. He just sat on the ground and panted. After a long time, he said: “But my body is still strong. There is no recovery, and you don’t have enough weapons. If we leave this cave now, we may be killed by aliens or even wild beasts as soon as we go out. Alas, we may still have to wait for a few days, after my body recovers a little, Once we leave this cave, we will