s already a taboo method in the two realms of heaven! Even the sects that practice this kind of method in the Nine Chambers of Baoxian have been wiped out by us. You Guanyu Sanren, you Where did you learn this forbidden method?”

As a monk from Baiyun Cave, it is absolutely normal for him to recognize the charm of the dark and ghostly way in his body. Even though there are all kinds of cover-ups, the black-yellow iron rod and the mysterious armor are still there. The charm cannot be concealed or changed.
But Chu Weiyang was prepared to refuse to admit that this was a method.
“What kind of method has the Taoist Master not practiced? Taboos? Yeye almost survived the past years, and between death and life, this is what Yeye realized by himself! You said taboos are taboos? How about that? You also want to talk to Yeye Grudge?”
When the words fell, Chu Weiyang was full of energy, and the little sanity he had regained seemed to have collapsed in anger.
While the angry voice of the rhetorical question was still echoing in the air, Chu Weiyang’s anger and murderous thoughts arose again, and he unabashedly moved towards Qiu Yunchuan tit-for-tat.
Death and madness are the best reasons for Chu Weiyang’s response.
But when he saw Chu Weiyang’s reaction, Qiu Yunchuan frowned slightly and finally shook his head.
“Fellow Taoist Guanyu, I believe what you said. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a method or a charm. It involves taboos and secrets. I’m sorry. I need to take down fellow Taoist! If you have anything to say, Just wait until the Earthly Immortal God comes face to face, and then you Taoist friend can speak for yourself!”
Chu Weiyang’s heart became more and more confused.
/What is the reason that makes this dark and ghostly method become a secret? Has it become a taboo?
Is it because of the strange charm of the cultivators of Hunmengfa?
Perhaps those monks who have practiced the Hunmeng method to a higher level are not ignorant of the changes in their own bodies. They are just walking step by step. There is no way back, and all they can do is to be strange and strange. He has been going all the way, but in order to cover up his true essence, he has made the way of ghosts and ghosts into a forbidden method?
For a flash, the Taoist had such thoughts, but the more he thought about it, the more confusion he became.
He never expected that the truly irreconcilable crux would be the charm.
/However, even though what he caught this time was “Kunpeng”, Chu Weiyang had no fear at all.
A forbidden method, right?
It is not unreasonable that this cultivation method of the Yinming Ghost Demonic Way can transcend the Baiyundong Dharma lineage and become the lineage of the great elder of Lihen Palace!
“That’s all nice to say, but you evil beast still wants to do harm in the end! Die! Die!”
When he finished speaking, Chu Weiyang used the shamanic war dance to stir up the black and yellow storm, and actually attacked Qiu Yunchuan first.
“Senior Brother Qiu, don’t worry! Xiaoxiu is here to help you!”
The raging black and