n his back.

Among the tools chosen, the most common ones are ropes of various lengths. Most of these ropes are used as trip wires and are laid out throughout the valley. Second only to trip wires are various types of lasso. In a person who is good at using lasso In the hands of the person holding the rope, the noose is definitely a weapon that can control life and death at will.
Before following Old Man Moon into the Devil’s Mountains, Hull had never thought that there were so many types and uses of ropes. When a rope is in the old man’s hand, it can immediately change into thousands of patterns.
/Hull, who had seen the old man’s performance, finally believed that the old man could indeed roam the Devil’s Mountains with a shovel and a rope.
Hull placed the tools strategically throughout the valley so that he could pick them up from the ground at any time when he needed them.
After everything was ready, Hull was not in a hurry to get started. He climbed to the top of the cliff again and looked at the valley carefully. This time, the contents included tools scattered around, and Place the trip wire in the grass.
/After ensuring that nothing was missed, Hull went down to the bottom of the valley again. This time he moved closer to the cattle. In order to get as close as possible to the cattle without being discovered, Hull chose to crawl forward. At this time, this was revealed in him. The perks of a weird dress.
The color of the clothes is dark green, which is difficult to detect after lying on the ground. The layer of leather seals the body’s odor tightly. Coupled with more than ten days of training, the sound Hel makes when he raises his hands and feet has become quite slight. .
Five meters away from a strong bull, Hull stopped. He carefully pulled out the scalpel from his breast pocket. The handle of the scalpel was three inches long, but the head was only about one inch. The knife head and handle are fixed with special bayonet.
Looking around, Hull’s eyes quickly scanned each bison. After confirming that no cow noticed him, he slowly got up.
He raised up, swung the knife, and instantly inserted the tip of the knife into the center of the bull’s back. The scalpel was so sharp that the bull didn’t even feel pain, and the knife tip was completely submerged into the meat.
The scalpel gently scratched, like breaking a layer of leather, and the bull’s thick back immediately rolled away to both sides, revealing the bright red muscles underneath.
The sharp tip of the knife also easily broke the spine. The bison didn’t even grunt, then swayed and fell to the ground.
Such a loud noise could not possibly have alerted the bison, and all their huge heads were immediately fixed on this side. The bison soon understood what had happened, and two bison came closer, trying to lift up the one that fell to the ground. The injured bison couldn’t stand up and could only moan.
Suddenly, there was a low and angry sound among the cattle, and the round eyes of the cattle staring at Hull suddenly turned red.
Before the bison cou