ent, a figure rushed over from a distance. In a blink of an eye, the red giant crab’s big claws stopped, but it was held in the air by the hands of the fire dragon man.

The three shrimps were stunned.
The next moment, the red giant crab was lifted up by the fire dragon man’s force, and then smashed directly to the ground.
There was a loud noise, and the red giant crab was hit dizzy.
But then, it has no chance to resist.
A flame rose up from the hands of the fire dragon man. The flame stuck to the red giant crab’s claws, just like sparks falling into a gasoline barrel, and spread quickly to its whole body the next moment.
After igniting the red giant crab, the fire dragon man rushed towards the Blue Crab Demon King.
No way, it’s not that the Fire Dragons don’t want to completely eliminate the red cancer, but when the Blue Crab Demon King is in a stalemate with a few rebellious cancers, a few more cancers can’t help but join the battle group due to their excitement.
Undoubtedly, with the addition of these giant crabs, the situation of the Blue Crab Demon King suddenly deteriorated.
However, when the fire dragons rushed into the battlefield, they kept patting the giant crabs with their hands. Wherever the fire dragons patted them, flames would immediately rise and wrap the giant crabs.
Not to mention that the fire dragon man solved the situation of the Blue Crab Demon King in less than a minute. The red giant crab was so damaged by the flames that it howled miserably and collided with Wei Xiaobei. Come over, there is a strong tendency to drag him to death.
Wei Xiaobei was naturally not afraid of damage from the flames. The temperature of the flames that the fire dragon ignited the crabs was about 1,200 degrees.
It was considered fatal to the red cancer crab, but it posed no threat to Wei Xiaobei at all.
However, it was rare for someone to dare to challenge him, and Wei Xiaobei didn’t mind making the other party suffer more. When the red giant crab was about to rush in front of him, Wei Xiaobei turned his right hand into a fist, jumped up, and punched him directly. On the mouthparts of the red cancer crab.
Bang, there was a loud noise, and the red giant crab flew backwards with flames at a faster speed than it came here. When it hit the beach, its mouthparts and most of its carapace were shattered, and it was already dead. Can’t die anymore.
Wei Xiaobei was very satisfied with his power, but in the eyes of those giant crabs, he was inexplicably horrified.
They never thought that such a small human being could knock the red giant crab away with one punch, which made them more in awe than the fire dragon man setting it on fire.
“Oh, my lord, help me!”
/Just when Wei Xiaobei was about to go over to see how the Blue Crab Demon King was doing, he heard a cry for help. When Wei Xiaobei looked at it intently, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly.
I don’t know when Xia San escaped, but the direction of his escape was a little wrong. It was extremely unlucky to be on the same line as the red giant crab th