atives in it. After the battle, we searched the whole city. None of our relatives were found. Not only that, except for the one who was beaten by Gong Yeyu and still had half a life left, what was his name, Deng An? Except for the people, all the other high-level officials have disappeared, so they want to check their whereabouts from the data on the main computer.”

Xue Na reluctantly smiled at Zhang Heng again, and no longer asked any more questions, but frowned slightly.
(So, the plan is a failure? But human technology is indeed not very good. We are studying the technology of our three-eyed tribe, but it will take at least thousands of years to fully understand these things. The cultural gap is not so It can be solved easily. It is impossible for human technology to detect the concealment method I set up, so why might they leave early?)
(Although human technology is backward, for intelligent creatures, their intelligence level is actually not bad, so it is impossible for them to do something illogical. Yes, logic. Since the hostages have been transported away, All the high-level officials have also left, so it is impossible for them to deploy such a strong force here. First, to preserve the strength of this local government. After all, there seem to be multiple governments in the human world. Second, they must also know. The real battlefield for the decisive battle is not here, but on Easter Island, so it is inevitably a bit strange to arrange such a strong force here, as well as two civilized natural weapons that are related to the destiny of the country.)
(After all the impossibilities are eliminated, no matter how incredible the remaining possibility is, it is the only answer. In other words, the reason why such a strong force is arranged to guard here is that there is only one possibility, this The top officials of the regional government and the hostages had just left this city! And the destination could only be Easter Island. In other words, they knew that we had raided here, so they took the hostages away when they left. Although the possibility of attracting us to Easter Island is only 5%, it is the only answer that can explain all this, so now there is only one last question left)
(With human technology, how on earth did we discover that we had raided here? Or, there really is another three-eyed tribesman hiding behind the human world government)
/(Maybe, this person is also a great scientist)
In the strength hierarchy of the Three-Eyed Clan, the Great Prophet and the Great Warlock have long since been severed, and the “subspace” can no longer be integrated into it, so let’s not mention it for the time being. The Great Scientist is the only remaining backbone and strongest force of the Three-Eyed Clan, and apart from the Great In addition to the hard premise that the scientist level needs to innovate that the Three-Eyed Tribe has no technology, the levels below the Great Scientist are mainly based on mental training, because after all, the technology of the Three-Eyed Tribe is there, as long as you