ass tiger. Looking at the shape, we knew that it was also the Queen’s Seal.

“Interesting.” When Su Mei heard that Li Hongfang and Qin Yanan were competing, a smile appeared in her eyes. In the past, Su Mei could not care about her sister-in-law’s identity because of her eccentric young sister-in-law. Her heart was always on fire, so Qin Yanan had to Li Hongfang has such a temperament to treat her.
/“Qin Yanan has a Queen’s Seal.” Li Hongfang told the news that both Zhou Shuling and Qin Yanan had obtained the Queen’s Seal. “She must have obtained it through bottomless flattery and painstaking flattery.”
“The Queen’s Seal?” Su Mei pondered for a moment. Although she believed that she, Liu Changan and Zhu Juntang had formed a de facto family relationship and did not need Shangguan Dandan’s approval, something like the “Queen’s Seal” seemed Has an inexplicable attraction.
Just think of girls nowadays who always want to add their names to the real estate certificate. No matter how difficult it is, they still need to get a marriage certificate or something. Some factual signs and legal certification concepts are really important.
Zhu Juntang seems to have some kind of seals of “Void Cutting Dragon Flame Immortal” and “Princess of Colorful Glazed Pure White Fairyland Mea Mea”, and she showed them off in front of Su Mei. It seems that they were given by Shangguan Dandan?
/This problem child Shangguan Dandan, who is suspected of having a personality disorder, sends these seals everywhere, why doesn’t he give one to Su Mei? Isn’t Su Mei more qualified than others?
Of course, the seal is in her hand, and she can give it to whomever she wants, but if she has any resentment because of it, that is only Su Mei’s own business and has nothing to do with Shangguan Dandan. Shangguan Dandan doesn’t know and doesn’t need it. Care about what Su Mei thinks, huh.
“The question now is that since ancient times, there have been many concubines in the harem, but there is only one queen. Why does Shangguan Dandan have two queen’s seals?”
Li Hongfang put down her chopsticks in a leisurely manner, clasped her hands on her knees, leaned forward slightly, with a meaningful look on her face, and her tone became calm and solemn.
Su Mei was slightly startled. When Li Hongfang mentioned that Qin Yanan and Zhou Shuling both had the Queen’s Seal, she thought of this problem. However, in Su Mei’s eyes, Liu Changan, Shangguan Dandan, and Zhu Juntang, whether they were Xinjian Jiuzhou Fenglei Jianmen, or canonizing queens and princesses, are all just a joke. Even if Shangguan Dandan canonize more queens, what does it mean?
After all, Su Mei was pregnant with Zhu Juntang and gave birth to her. This is a miracle that shocked the past and the present in the history of life on earth. This is destiny, and its meaning transcends everything.
In the face of this kind of destiny, no matter what dynasty, what kind of queen mother, or what kind of queen, they are insignificant. They are like gods overlooking the world, watching a group of stupid people shouti