and Duke Varedi was angry because he saw the hand of the girl he liked being held by someone he hated.

“Don’t be impulsive, Eco, don’t be impulsive.” The crown prince next to him quickly came out to smooth things over.
“Mr. Philip, let us compete fairly. Do you have the courage?” Archduke Varedi made it clear.
“I have never believed that there is real fairness in this world. Take this matter as an example, if you are a small person, are you qualified to say this? As for the relationship between love and engagement, people like us , are you qualified to expect these?
“There are many unwritten rules in this world. Perhaps what you should challenge is these unwritten rules. If you have the courage, I can consider accepting your challenge.” Hull replied, this is not a gear The countermeasures discussed with him in advance were completely a manifestation of his quick wit.
/This retaliation left Grand Duke Varedi speechless for a moment. The other party did not answer whether he accepted the challenge, but instead threw him a difficult problem.
“Isn’t what Grand Duke Varedi is doing now challenging the unwritten rules?” the crown prince next to him said with a smile. Of course he was helping his friend.
“Your Highness, there used to be one of the most unpopular unwritten rules in this world. It was Cainlar who abolished this unwritten rule. However, the shadow of that thing has never completely disappeared, and it always appears in various forms. I tried to change my appearance in various ways to jump out.” Hull said very cryptically.
The crown prince was immediately speechless, while An Qi next to him was blushing, because the most famous reform of Cainlar was the abolition of the right of first night. The unpopular unwritten rule Hull was referring to was undoubtedly referring to This is it. Of course it was impossible to discuss this topic in public, especially when a woman was present.
He responded to Archduke Valedi with these words, and everyone except idiots knew what they meant. There is no doubt that Archduke Varedi was so blocked that he could neither argue nor explain.
“Your Excellency is very articulate, I really admire you, but I have to say that you are a coward.” Grand Duke Varedi vented his dissatisfaction.
“I admit that I am indeed a coward, because I want to focus most of my energy on welfare reform. I don’t want the welfare reform to fail because of boring fights. Similarly, I don’t want to be too busy realizing my ideals. And lost my beloved fiancée.”
Hull said unhurriedly: “Now I finally realize how difficult it was to do what those reformers in ancient times did.”
/His words left the two people next to him completely speechless. The young Archduke wanted to refute, but there was no way to deny what Hel said. In this case, if he still insists that the other party is a coward, I am afraid that even his friend His Royal Highness the Crown Prince will not be able to support him.
And if he admitted this and wanted to challenge him again, it would be unreasonable.
Fortunately, at this time, t