order to refining the God-Killing Whip, the Immortal King even brought a Yin Spring from the Nether World and used the water from this Yin Spring to temper the body of the God-Killing Whip.

The water of the Yin Spring is not real water, but evil souls condensed into liquid. There are at least a billion evil souls in a drop of the water of the Yin Spring. If this drop of water of the Yin Spring disperses, there will be no one within a hundred miles. Something alive survives. The Immortal King did not dare to use such a dangerous thing in the past. If it were not for the shadow, he would not have dared to attract the Yinquan this time.
Using the chain-making method, the water from the Yin Spring and the disassembled God-Killing Whip were put into the furnace to make the chain. A whole week later, a new God-Killing Whip finally appeared in front of everyone.
When the God-killing Whip was taken out of the furnace, the seafloor with a radius of dozens of kilometers was shrouded in a chilling ghostly death aura. Creatures that were closer were immediately killed, while those farther away finally had time to escape. The range covered by the atmosphere.
Not only is the aura of death overwhelming, just looking at it, even a heaven-level powerhouse like the Immortal King, shudders slightly in the depths of his consciousness, let alone other people.
The worst offenders are Hull, Valmont, and Robert. All three of them are great masters in their own fields, and they are particularly sensitive to this invisible pressure.
This whip no longer looks like a short staff. Because of the use of Yin Spring water, the God-killing Whip is like a ball of mud that can change shape at will. When not in use, it is just a black and gray ball without luster.
That black-gray mass made Hel feel as if his soul would be sucked in at any moment.
“This may be a weapon that shouldn’t appear in this world. I feel like I have released a vicious demon.” Old Man Wamen’s lips trembled slightly.
“I feel the same way. I don’t know why, but I feel it is more terrifying than the Thunder God’s Whip.”
Robert said with his eyes widened.
The same feeling existed in Hull’s heart. He saw the Thunder God’s Whip being made with his own eyes. Although the Thunder God’s Whip looks more powerful and makes him feel more powerful, the Thunder God’s Whip will not make him feel like he is facing a monster like the God-killing Whip.
/“What do we do next?”
When asking this question, besides the Immortal King, Hel was also accompanied by the little old man Robert. He originally invited Old Man Valmon to come, but Old Man Valmon seemed to be uninterested in everything.
“I definitely want to break into the Holy City.” Hull said while looking at Robert.
Robert naturally understood what this guy was watching him do. He did feel a little troubled because at the beginning he had two ideas for the future. One was to find a place far away from the world to live in seclusion and live a private but free life. The other was to follow He Go out into the world.
“Perhaps going