Just as he could see at a glance that Hull was the profit and loss experimental subject of the “Magic Furnace” experiment, he could also see that these four people were far from modulating bodies to the level of Hull.

When did the research on magic furnaces become so popular?
If he hadn’t met Hull first, these four people might have made his heart flutter. However, even if the value has been reduced a lot now, he doesn’t intend to waste these four good materials. In the eyes of the Immortal King, there should be one of these four people. , two may succeed.
Unlike other magicians, the Immortal King does not only study magic. Over the course of more than a thousand years, he has read many books on philosophy and history, and learned a lot of the wisdom and wisdom of the ancients. Strategy.
So he knew very well that to get the things he needed, it was useless to have strong strength alone. He had to rely on strategy to use his power skillfully.
This time, Hull’s unexpected intrusion gave him a glimmer of hope, because these people were different from the previous intruders – the previous intruders were either adventurers or magicians. From their memories, in addition to knowing Changes in the external world have no other use.
However, from the memories of these people, he learned a lot of very interesting things, and the most interesting thing about him was the interesting identity of “agent”.
It was an invention of recent centuries; it had not existed before, unlike the relationships of superior and inferior, master and slave that he was familiar with.
An “agent” is not a servant or a steward. Although an “agent” serves a certain person or persons and takes orders from them, he is not completely under the control of these persons. Likewise, a person can have several “agents.”
Now he needs a few such agents.
Of course, his agent has to be the best.
“I don’t like others invading my territory.” The Immortal King said in a serious tone. His words made the people on the opposite side involuntarily take a step back and adopt an attack stance.
“But I am very interested in the reason why you entered here.” The Immortal King softened his tone slightly and said: “I already know that you are here because of a very interesting duel. Some of you are this Participants in the duel.”
He glanced at the Red Duke.
“Some are helpers.” He glanced at the bloodthirsty killer.
“Some are helpers who come here for money, and some are monitors with other goals.” He stared at the necromancer and the four sky knights.
Seeing that these people looked quite nervous, the Immortal King showed a smile, a cold smile that was very suitable for his status, and said: “Since you are here for the duel, then I will let you continue the duel, and I will give you Arrange a very interesting duel, a completely fair duel.
“I will send you to a very special place, where each of you can choose the power that suits you best, and then kill there until you find the exit.”
/With a wave of his hands, he immediately shot up seven black light pillars fro