o my own contribution. I didn’t expect this prodigal son to promise the company casually.

“What? Aren’t you going to do it?” Martino’s face suddenly became serious.
“I just think that we don’t need to do that. Even if Mad Dog doesn’t cooperate with us, he will still have to deal with Bruns. Why not let him do it alone?” Irving could only find reasons. He didn’t dare to quarrel with Madino yet. Shameless.
“If he was left alone, this guy would make a mess,” Madino said.
“But even if Mad Dog gets benefits, will he be controlled? It’s not like you don’t know what he is like,” Owen said.
/“Of course I have a way to control the mad dog.” Madino said disapprovingly. He slowly stood up from the chair, left Owen behind and walked away alone.
Should I sell that small company and run away?
The idea suddenly popped into Owen’s mind. Maybe he could use Madino to do what he said, squeeze out some of the investment money in the name of his investment director, and then take all the money with him. Escape.
Since you want to escape, you don’t have to worry about whether you will be found out, so you don’t have to squeeze in a little secretly. You can simply roll in a large sum of money, get him ten or twenty million, and then escape to Debreton or Lacey, or even You can escape to the New World, where you can buy a city for ten million marks.
Owen couldn’t help but think about what Madino would look like if he knew his plan, and suddenly he shuddered.
A thought that made him feel horrified jumped out of his heart.
Maybe Madino asked him to do this not really intending to bribe Mad Dog Bami, but to tie him to Mad Dog.
Owen knew that Madino had really planned to murder Bruns, and the mad dog Bami was naturally the best person to frame him for. Of course, the premise was that the mad dog must be eliminated.
But in this case, there will definitely be people who are suspicious of this. As Bruns is the son-in-law of Governor Brownton, if he is murdered, it will definitely alarm the entire Brownton police and secret police. At that point, all of Bronton could be turned upside down to find the real killer.
There is no doubt that Madino and himself are the two most suspects.
The best way to escape guilt is for one of them to take the blame.
Madino obviously didn’t look like the kind of person who had the courage to sacrifice himself, so the only one who was sacrificed was Bi.
Irving was very smart, and he had even thought of the possible methods that Madino would use. The prodigal son would definitely kill the mad dog, make him completely disappear from the world, and then create the illusion that he stole the funds from the United Steel Company and absconded.
The more I think about Irving, the more I feel chilled. He has followed Madino since he was a child. Even when the other subordinates left this prodigal son one by one who was stingy to others but extremely luxurious himself, he still followed this bastard.
At the beginning, he dreamed of one day getting a seat in the family meeting. Since he learned that the family pla