at shocked him shot out from behind him.

It was like several tons of dynamite exploding at the same time. The super strong magic wave shocked him in an instant.
I don’t know how much time passed before Hull recovered from the shock. His ears were filled with noisy shouts.
/“Look, the clouds have appeared again.”
/“It’s strange. The clouds this time are a little different from before.”
“Hygrometer, look at the hygrometer, this is real water vapor.”
The screams eventually turned into frightened cries for help.
Hull turned around in surprise and saw a scene that he couldn’t believe.
That gap in space that was originally invisible now revealed its ferocious appearance. A rolling torrent poured out from this gap that appeared out of thin air, swallowing up the simple camping ground in the blink of an eye!
Hel wanted to escape, and of course he could escape with his strength, but in this case, he had no way to explain why he suddenly had such strength. He knew that someone was always watching him.
Gritting his teeth, he simply did nothing and pretended to be equally shocked.
The torrential flood arrived in front of him in an instant, just like a hammer hitting a piece of feather. Hull was easily taken away by the flood.
But once he reached the water, he no longer had to hide his strength. After being rushed into the woods, he suddenly hugged a tree next to him. Although the tree did not hold up for long, it was uprooted by the flood in a few seconds. , but these few seconds were enough for Hull to escape.
He grabbed hold of the low-hanging vines and, using the momentum of the flood, quickly climbed up the vine net at the top of the tree.
At this moment, the entire forest is in danger. If these trees were not big enough, with deep enough roots and strong enough branches, they might have been broken by the flood.
As soon as he climbed to the top of the tree, the raging floods came over him, and he knew that even these trees could no longer be saved.
He stepped on the flood water and ran towards the tent desperately. Just as he got into the tent, the soles of his feet suddenly sank, and the tree finally fell.
Fortunately, the vine net connected these trees together, so they did not fall so quickly.
He quickly pressed twice hard on one side of the tent, and with a series of “puffy” sounds, the magic spring supporting the tent quickly retracted. In the blink of an eye, the jellyfish-like tent shrank into a flat shuttle shape.
The front and rear ends of this shuttle are slightly tilted, and the top is slightly bulging.
He grabbed his “wife” and pushed An Qi into a chair with a backrest.
As soon as he finished all this, the whole tent started to spin and roll.
After several somersaults in a row, Hull knew that just sitting on the chair was not enough. There must be something to tie him to the chair. Fortunately, when making this special tent, six ropes had been arranged, and the “magic rope” magic was solidified on them.
As his mind turned, two of the ropes immediately got in, tightly tying h