here were bursts of sharp light in her eyes.

“Is there news from the Black Seraph? Is there anything unexpected about Earl Philip?” Yaqi asked.
“Something happened over there, and Earl Philip is already preparing to escape. As long as our rescue operation is successful, the Black Seraph will take action,” the Immortal King said.
“What happened?” Yaqian said angrily: “Can the Black Seraph be trusted? And I can’t see any reason why he should save the count!”
“The Black Seraph is not interested in the Count at all.” The Immortal King said: “His target is the Thunder God’s Whip. There is a deal between him and Count Philip. The Count helped him obtain the manufacturing blueprint for the Thunder God’s Whip. When he comes out, he ensures the count’s safety and gets the count out at any time.
“Now the manufacturing of the Thunder God’s Whip has entered the final process. Once the Thunder God’s Whip is manufactured, all the technicians involved in the creation of the Thunder God’s Whip will definitely be wiped out, so the Black Seraph has no choice but to take action. However, I have been with He made a promise that he would wait until we take action before rescuing the count.”
“He actually agreed.” Yaqian sneered.
“This is also a deal. He wants the ‘God-Killing Whip’.” The Immortal King said, “I promise to help him make the ‘God-Killing Whip’.”
“God-killing whip” was the biggest taboo for Ya Qian, and her face suddenly turned pale.
/After a while, she returned to her usual calm and indifferent expression and said: “If you are sure that the Black Seraph can be trusted, we will start the rescue operation. But I want to know why Earl Philip is qualified. Participate in the manufacture of Thunder God’s Whip?”
“You can ask him personally when the time comes.” The Immortal King said nonchalantly, and then just blame the familiar Demon Core for all the reasons.
If it was a month ago, he might have been worried that there might be a flaw. At that time, half of the people in the base had not yet fused. As long as he got another familiar core, the lie would be exposed. But now, even if he gets the familiar No one can fuse the magic core.
/The seabed where Jinghai City is located is very shallow. Almost all important cities in this world are like this. This can prevent people from sneaking in or escaping from the deep sea. There is also a huge net on the seabed, and the mesh is covered with a force field barrier, which connects the sea water. There is no way to get through it, let alone let things get in and out.
The Immortal King is confident that he can pass through this warning network without alerting anyone, but others cannot.
Fortunately, they had made a careful plan in advance.
The place where they settled was at the bottom of a not-too-deep trench. Not far away lay an armored mango crab. This trench was the home of the mango crab. The reason why they chose this place as a shelter was because of this big guy.
There was almost no light coming in here, and there was a tunnel hidden in this darkness. This tunnel wa