e, effect four, twins, becomes a companion big gun every month, and the amplification effect is still doubled.

The effect of recognizing the host absorbs half of the host’s blood volume. The invisibility effect changed from five seconds of being in the same spot to three seconds.
The subsequent elimination of evil thoughts and the magical effects made Wei Xiaobei quite happy. With this gun in hand, it would be much easier to deal with enemies like Mag next time.
In addition, the additional 10 points of strength take Wei Xiaobei’s strength to a higher level!
After holding a big gun, the power is as high as 50 points! It’s not at the same level as 40 points of strength.
In any case, with this big gun, Wei Xiaobei had the idea of ????putting the diamond mace on Manan Mountain.
Putting the big gun back into the small treasure bag, Wei Xiaobei checked the equipment that he had taken off from Mag Baka’s body.
These helmets with sacred names, muscle armor, arm armor, skirt armor, and greaves all have attributes such as toughness. The attributes of the Macedonian square shield and the Macedonian dagger are somewhat different, but they are not ordinary equipment. Comparable.
Wei Xiaobei put these equipment into a small treasure bag.
Wei Xiaobei cannot use these equipments himself, so he plans to leave them to Huang Kun and Zhu Xinyi.
/However, these equipments had attribute requirements. Wei Xiaobei was able to wear them, but Zhu Xinyi and the others were not sure. They needed to check their attributes when they returned.
After cleaning things up, Wei Xiaobei focused on the description of the battle.
Battle description: Because the white mist leg hair gun swallowed up some of the divine power of the Phoenician Sun God Baal, the Phoenician Sun God Baal completely lost these few divine powers. Baal has issued an oracle, and all forces who believe in Baal will Hostility towards the host. Because the host killed Mag Barca, a member of the Barca family, the Barca family issued a wanted order against the host. Because the host killed Mag Barca, the brother of Hannibal Barca, the commander of Carthage. Hannibal Baca has an extreme hatred for the host. When the host appears within 500 kilometers of Hannibal Baca, Hannibal Baca will detect it and hunt him down.
After Wei Xiaobei finished reading the description of the battle, he felt that his face was turning green.
It’s hard to say whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing to enter the gray world this time.
With one careless move, Hannibal and even the Phoenician Sun God were offended.
Fortunately for Hannibal, he could only detect Wei Xiaobei’s presence within 500 kilometers of him.
The world in the gray world is bigger than reality, and Wei Xiaobei is not worried at all that he will bump into Hannibal easily.
But the Phoenician sun god Baal was in trouble.
Carthage was a branch of the Phoenician clan, so its gods were the same as those of Phoenicia.
Baal, the sun god, is the most noble god among the Phoenician gods. He is also known as thunder and rain and the g