e it was torn into pieces by the extremely powerful suction force and disappeared. In the void.

This situation really gave Wei Xiaobei a headache.
what to do?
It’s impossible to block the entrance to the space passage leading to Qingmu Paradise, right?
But if this is the case, then it is better not to gamble on this hole, and it will not have the desired effect at all.
Wei Xiaobei’s mind wandered back and forth among the storage rings, trying to find something suitable.
In the end, Wei Xiaobei’s attention fell on the Sun Spear!
There is no doubt that if there is really no other way, then the only choice is to use the Sun God Spear to block it.
You must know that this sun gun has the characteristic of never wearing out. Although it can be destroyed by weapons of higher quality than it, Wei Xiaobei believes that this sun gun can be used to plug holes without much problem.
Of course, this does not mean that there are no problems at all.
Before the sun gun blocked the hole, Wei Xiaobei didn’t dare to say whether it could really succeed.
But it’s worth a try.
At this time, there was no time for hesitation.
So Wei Xiaobei immediately took out the Sun God Spear and carefully placed the tip of the spear against the hole.
A strong suction force was suddenly generated, as if a giant grabbed the tip of the gun from the opposite side and dragged it desperately towards the void.
To be honest, if Wei Xiaobei’s strength attribute had not reached 160 points and the power tide was activated immediately, the sun gun would not have blocked the entrance of the hole, but would have been sucked in by the suction coming from the void.
/In that case, Wei Xiaobei would probably faint from crying if he could only steal the chicken but not get the rice on credit.
Fortunately, in the end, the hole shrank slightly, causing the protrusion behind the tip of the gun to get stuck on the hole, sealing it firmly.
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but let out a long breath, but even so, Wei Xiaobei did not dare to let go of the gun barrel easily. Who knows if there might be some accident and let the Sun Spear be sucked in.
However, as the Sun God Gun blocked the hole, the repairing green energy around the hole gradually dissipated. Undoubtedly, in the real world, the hole was considered blocked.
The hole was blocked, Wei Xiaobei became more cautious, and then let all the other three-legged golden crows resting on his shoulders fly away and patrol around Antarctica. From this moment on, any aircraft or even land transportation vehicles that dared to go deep into Antarctica would be blocked. , will all be attacked indiscriminately!
Wei Xiaobei didn’t want the Sun Spear to be lost in the void because of his own mistake.
Time passed by bit by bit, and Wei Xiaobei had been squatting in front of the hole for almost three months.
During these three months, Wei Xiaobei completely cut off contact with the outside world and concentrated on studying the changes in the rules, greedily absorbing the knowledge of the rules re