It has completed its mission and returned the ring.

Carefully holding the dimensional spider in his hand, Hel transformed it back into the Ring of Zambal. At this moment, he could summon the two types of spiders behind the witcher spider.
There are two more colors that the Zambal Ring can change into, one is a bright milky white, and the other is a very inconspicuous gray.
He used to take a magic pill to summon these two spiders, but the two spiders summoned in this way were of no use to him.
/For a magician, the most important thing is mental power and magic power, both of which are doubled. For a high-level magician who has just been able to summon it, the improvement is limited after all, but if the summoner is a super magician, There are tens of thousands of units of magic power, and several thousand units of mental power. If doubled, it would be quite terrifying.
However, he has always felt that a more suitable owner than a super magician is a top-level reader who can summon it. If the magic power is 4,000 units, the mental power value will definitely exceed 20,000. The reader’s abilities are all It is released instantly, and the speed itself is fast. Many readers are also superb swordsmen, and the blessing spider can enhance their strength in all aspects.
The Phantom Spider is an expert in illusion magic. It is naturally capable of using advanced invisibility and shadow jumping techniques. It is an incorporeal body, and physical attacks are almost ineffective against the incorporeal body. Although magic attacks can damage the incorporeal body, the damage is quite limited. Except for some specific dirty spells, the incorporeal body is basically not afraid of any attacks.
However, the real usefulness of the phantom spider is to fuse with the owner. After the fusion, the parasitized person will become incorporeal. Although the incorporeal body can neither attack nor cast magic, but for a death like Hel’s As for the Spirit King, he can still control the undead servants to fight.
Hel is a person who is very afraid of death. Although he has obtained the method of resurrection from Anubis, he is still afraid of accidents. Now that he has a shadow, he is more courageous.
What makes him even more excited is that if he takes another magic pill now, he can already summon the spider that ranks behind the shadow. That is not comparable to any of the previous spiders.
One of the later spiders has a terrifying name – Dusk Red Sha, and its level is the Second King Insect.
The King Insect and the Second King Insect are equivalent to the strong ones among insects that challenge the heavenly level. One can imagine their strength.
The secondary king insect Dusk Chisha is no less inferior to the final form of the king insect, the Golden Devil. If the Golden Devil is the invincible god of war, then the Dusk Chisha is the god of law in charge of life and death. The Dusk Red Devil is indeed not as good as the Golden Devil when fighting alone, but when it comes to killing people, the Dusk Red Devil is far more efficient th