ntion to them, and no one will ignore them.

It would definitely be impossible if he didn’t end up fighting. It would probably be difficult to solve the problem in a regular battle.
/For a moment, Wang Xuan was deep in thought. Although he was moving forward, he was a little distracted.
His thoughts were divergent, and he thought of all aspects, so let’s just repay the favor. If he really couldn’t do anything anymore, he would brush off his clothes, but what if he missed it?
/Regardless of success or failure, will he run away afterwards? I don’t know if there will be any extraordinary obstacles. The mobile phone is connected everywhere. Should I use it at the critical moment?
Hell and Daohai are not good places. The previous holders of mobile phones have been cold for many years and died in an extremely uneasy way. They cannot go to those two dangerous places.
“What are you thinking about, Second Dad? He’s a little distracted.” Young Langtian observed carefully.
Wolverine also noticed it, and said seriously: “He has something on his mind. After all, this woman is outrageous and too strong. Hey, the second king smiled, this is a plan.”
He noticed that the moment Wang Xuan raised his head, he smiled at the woman in the field. This was very rare. When had the two kings ever smiled with their opponents? Isn’t it always the case that the black mist is billowing into the sky and the demonic energy is billowing, rushing up to knock out the opponent’s brains?
“Could he be seeing someone right? He wants to capture this girl alive?” Wolverine said to himself in surprise, and even in his mind, there was going to be a Lady Yazhai on Wuxing Mountain.
“This may be the reaction after seeing the same kind. The legendary fragrances are congenial and attract each other. The season of revival of all things, the second father’s youth is back.” Young Wolf Tian was obviously too precocious, and he even imagined the scene of tying the knot. .
Wolverine reprimanded and said: “When did your second father get old? In the extraordinary world, he is only an 800-year-old limit-breaking true immortal, and he has already seen the heaven-level realm, which is the golden youth state.”
The main reason is that the wolverine himself is over 1,600 years old. If he is older, doesn’t that mean he is old?
In fact, neither father nor son knew that Wang Xuan was only 224 years old.
Fortunately, they were talking in secret, pretending to be relaxed, otherwise if word got out, a group of monkeys would tear them apart first.
“Kong Xuan, come here.” The second elder Qing Ning called, not letting him leave immediately. Seeing that he was silent at first and very worried, but later actually smiled again, he was a little confused.
“What’s going on with you? You were worried at first and then smiled. Do you have any means to deal with her?” asked the second elder Qing Ning, who was originally thinking of a solution.
Wang Xuan said: “My life has been glorious, and I will have no regrets in my death. The Black Peacock Holy Mountain treats me well. I put