cracks erected on the earth.

After the space crack appeared, they had evacuated all nearby city residents.
A steady stream of lizard-man armies rushed out of the cracks in space, shouting various slogans and marching forward.
Well, as a god, language proficiency is a necessary skill.
Therefore, the gods of Aoki Paradise couldn’t help but laugh when they saw those lizardmen shouting slogans of plunder.
With such a weak strength, he still wants to plunder the Aoki Blessed Land?
It’s absolutely ridiculous!
Well, in the eyes of the lizardman patron saint, this is not ridiculous.
Although the collision of worlds before was a bit scary, now, the lizardman patron saint is lying on the crack in space, greedily peeking at the situation in Aoki Paradise.
Let’s go, warriors!
The lizardman patron saint silently blessed in his heart, it had a premonition of some danger, but its level was really low, and it couldn’t notice the gods in the Aoki Paradise at all!
“Forget it, everyone, stop watching the show, finish it early and rest early.”
Zhao Yun looked at the army of lizardmen and couldn’t help but shook his head. These lizardmen had no tactics and strategies at all. As soon as they entered the Aoki Paradise, they immediately became a mess and ran towards the target they chose. There was no plan to guard against an enemy surprise attack.
As Wei Xiaobei’s eldest brother, Zhao Yun has a very high status among the gods of Qingmu Paradise.
Therefore, after he spoke out, the other gods had no intention of watching the show, and each gave orders to their own armies to start killing the lizardmen who entered the Aoki Paradise.
“This tree is mine, mine!”
One lizard man holding a stone knife shouted furiously at the other lizard man.
In the world of lizardmen, trees are rare and therefore extremely valuable.
Well, this situation is almost like us humans seeing a hill made of gold in the wilderness!
“Get out! This is mine! Believe it or not, I will chop off your head!”
The other lizard man was not someone to be trifled with, so he roared back with a louder voice.
Just when the two lizardmen were about to start a civil war with each other, neat footsteps were heard in the distance, and the ground shook!
/what happened? The two lizard men looked at each other suspiciously, but an inexplicable cold air rose from their backs in an instant.
In the distance, a neatly marched army was slowly advancing towards them!
What happened to these two lizardmen was not unique.
Hundreds of millions of troops from the Aoki Blessed Land came from all directions and surrounded the plains and forests where these space cracks were located.
Those tens of millions of lizardmen have never seen such a battle.
Not to mention anything else, the individual strength of the soldiers alone is far behind these lizardmen!
Not to mention the four-star strong men who lead this army of hundreds of millions.
And the only one the lizardmen can compete with is probably the patron saint.
/But this patron saint only has the strength of a four-star disas