China Sea Dragon Palace, then it is normal for him to die without a burial place.

“Master Wei, there is a dragon horse ranch in the East China Sea Dragon Palace not far ahead. How about we go and grab a fortune?”
After a small-scale battle ended, the sea snake spirit suggested to Wei Xiaobei with a smile on his face while devouring the corpses of those shrimp soldiers and crab generals.
The sea snake spirit was right. There was a dragon horse ranch about three hundred nautical miles ahead. Wei Xiaobei knew this when the little turtle passed by before. Now the sea snake spirit’s words were just confirmation again.
Wei Xiaobei nodded and blew out the word “um” from his nostrils.
Seeing this, the sea snake spirit didn’t dare to say anything. After speeding up and swallowing the remaining shrimp soldiers and crabs in a few mouthfuls, it swam towards the Longma Ranch.
The sea snake spirit felt that Wei Xiaobei’s aura was becoming more and more terrifying, as if a huge mountain was pressing down on his head, preventing him from showing the slightest disrespect.
Of course, the sea snake spirit did not know that in order to prevent himself from being discovered by the East China Sea Dragon Palace, Wei Xiaobei had restrained his aura to the extreme, and that the terrifying aura felt by the sea snake spirit was actually the gravity emanating from the black hole stone!
Wei Xiaobei had been continuously pouring mercury into lightning for quite some time, and the invisible gravitational force emitted by the Black Hole Stone was getting stronger and stronger.
It can be said that if Wei Xiaobei hadn’t suppressed it, the seawater within a radius of ten kilometers would have been attracted to it.
Of course, even if Wei Xiaobei suppressed it, its occasional leakage of gravity still made the sea snake spirit feel creepy.
After all, the level of this black hole stone is too high, and it is simply not something that the sea snake spirit can compete with.
The so-called Dragon Horse Ranch is an underwater forest, where fresh and delicious kelp grows everywhere, and the magnificent dragon horses run back and forth happily.
This aspect is somewhat similar to the underwater cave Longma Ranch that Wei Xiaobei once visited.
But something different from the underwater cave Longma Ranch is that there is a group of seahorses of different colors in this Longma Ranch.
Compared to the seahorses in the real world, which are only a foot long or even smaller, the seahorses here are much larger, with the largest reaching a diameter of ten meters.
“They are seahorses of the dragon species. They are one of the imperial guards of the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, but now they are responsible for guarding the Dragon Horse Ranch!”
/The sea snake spirit was quite familiar with those seahorses, so he introduced them to Wei Xiaobei.
Dragon seahorse?
Wei Xiaobei checked with All Things Knowledge and found that they were indeed dragon seahorses. To be precise, they had a weak true dragon bloodline, and their strength generally reach