s completely unable to control it. At that moment, Wei Xiaobei even felt a trace of panic in his heart, fearing that he would accidentally be blown to pieces by these out-of-control forces!

This was no joke, after all, in Wei Xiaobei’s opinion, a riot of this kind of power was almost the same as self-destruction.
Fortunately, the next moment, the mixed-blood Qingluan screamed loudly.
As this high-pitched cry sounded, the rioting power in Wei Xiaobei’s body instantly rushed out of his head along with the external force!
Wei Xiaobei felt as if his body was empty, and then he saw the hybrid Qingluan flying into the air, its body wrapped with the characteristics of lightning, light and heat, and other powers.
Is this guy going to run away?
Wei Xiaobei was slightly worried and criticized in his mind.
The next moment, the various power features on the hybrid Qingluan shrank inward, and then a green halo bloomed on his body!
The cyan halo spread very quickly, covering the entire Huangquan Road and even the surrounding wilderness in an instant.
Next, red flower buds appeared quickly among the green on both sides of Huangquan Road, and bloomed at an extremely fast speed.
The flower of the other shore is blooming again!
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei wanted to pick more Bianhua flowers, but he was afraid of ruining the half-blood Qingluan’s plan, so he suppressed all the impulses in his heart.
As the other side flower bloomed again, Wei Xiaobei felt that there seemed to be some changes in the space where Huangquan Road was located.
The next moment, the mixed-blood Qingluan let out a soft cry, and Wei Xiaobei did not dare to hesitate, stepping on the air and rushing up into the sky.
When Wei Xiaobei rushed to a hundred meters in the air, he felt the fragility of the space barrier and rushed out of the space barrier with a slight bump.
I finally came out!
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but exhale.
Wei Xiaobei could confirm this. After all, the space inside Huangquan Road felt completely different from the outside world.
As Wei Xiaobei left, the flowers on both sides of Huangquan Road withered again and turned into dead branches and leaves.
/But this time, the withering of the other shore flowers seemed to have caused some problems on the Huangquan Road. Wei Xiaobei could see numerous cracks appearing on the Huangquan Road, and the water from the underworld immediately gushes out along the cracks, but soon evaporated completely.
Huangquan Road disappeared?
Wei Xiaobei felt that the unique aura of Huangquan Road was fading rapidly, and the most obvious example was that Huangquan Road was like a collapsing water surface, and the surrounding Yin Qi was rushing towards Huangquan Road crazily.
With a soft cry, Wei Xiaobei felt his shoulders sink slightly. He turned around and saw the mixed-blood Qingluan landing on his shoulders.
But at this moment, the mixed-race Qingluan felt as if his spinal cord had been severed. His entire body was limp on Wei Xiaobei’s shoulders, and he could ha