y world is even more broken.

To be honest, Wei Xiaobei used to think that he was powerful enough to repair the broken places on these spatial barriers.
But after repairing such a hole in Antarctica, Wei Xiaobei realized that repairing this space barrier was indeed not an easy task!
Just one hole took Wei Xiaobei such a long time, and how long will it take to repair the holes in the space barrier between the real world and the gray world that sometimes appear and sometimes disappear?
Besides, during this period, there will be interference from the aura of the gray world and attacks from monsters from the gray world.
This made Wei Xiaobei feel that what he wanted to do didn’t seem to make much sense.
What should I do?
While thinking like this, Wei Xiaobei fell asleep unconsciously.
When he woke up due to the smell of food, he looked at the time and was shocked to find that he had been asleep for almost three hours without even realizing it!
He actually slept for three hours?
This really surprised Wei Xiaobei.
You know, after his strength increased to this level, Wei Xiaobei’s instinct to sleep has been increasingly weakened.
It can be said that even if he goes without sleep for several years, it will not have any impact on Wei Xiaobei.
But now, he actually fell asleep, which showed how much headache these things caused Wei Xiaobei.
If possible, Wei Xiaobei would even want to let it go. Anyway, the development trend of Qingmu Paradise is excellent. If he closes the door, the wind and rain from outside will not be able to blow in.
But after thinking for a while, Wei Xiaobei had to smile bitterly.
/It’s easy to think this way, but I really can’t leave the real world behind, I have too many worries.
Let’s solve it one by one.
Wei Xiaobei let out a long breath, stood up, opened the door, and asked with a smile: “What’s delicious today?”
Eating steaming food in a warm scientific research station, and thinking about the terrifying cold outside, you will feel a very happy feeling.
This time at the dinner party at the scientific research station, Wei Xiaobei did not take action, but the station’s own chef cooked.
It is said that this chef was originally the chef of a large hotel in Kyoto, but because he heard that the Antarctic scientific research station was looking for a chef, he came here.
According to him, his wish since he was a child was to travel to Antarctica, a place full of purity. Now that it’s good, he can live here for a whole year, what else is there to be dissatisfied about.
Judging by Wei Xiaobei’s standards, this chef’s skills can be considered passing.
Of course, if placed among other ordinary chefs, he would be an outstanding master.
This is a sumptuous lunch with Antarctic characteristics.
There are the most famous Antarctic cod, Antarctic krill, and green vegetables grown by the scientific research station itself.
It can be said that it is extremely difficult to see a little green in Antarctica.
Growing green vegetables here requires a lot of energy.
Therefore, even if it is a b