a giant is its important protective layer. When it invaded Gaul, it even withstood the long-range intensive bombardment of heavy cannons!

But at this time, in front of Huang Kun’s long knife, Shui Guang was suddenly struck with a crack, and another long knife was struck immediately, suddenly piercing Shui Guang!
The deep sea giant suddenly roared fiercely. After breaking the water light, the two long knives in Huang Kun’s hand struck the deep sea giant’s eyes.
The eyes of the Deep Sea Giant are not protected by thick and sturdy eyelids like the Tortoise Demon King. The eyes themselves may be stronger and more elastic than human eyeballs, but they are still one of the most vulnerable parts of the Deep Sea Giant’s body.
After losing the protection of the water and light, the long knife struck into the eyeball, causing blood and water to splash!
In an instant, Huang Kun slashed the deep sea giant’s eyeball twenty times in a row!
A full twenty dollars!
This was not the end. Huang Kun did not escape in time. Instead, he spun the long knife, and in shock, he regarded the deep sea giant’s eyeball as a hill and dug a cave on it!
In just half a breath, Huang Kun’s body almost followed the long knife into the giant’s eye.
“Ugh, yuck!”
But there is always a price to pay for such an approach.
But this deep-sea giant acted extremely decisively. While roaring, he didn’t care about the injury of his eyeballs at all. With a wave of his hand, he slapped his own eyeballs with a huge wave!
Although the injury to his eyeball was aggravated this time, Huang Kun, who had half his body trapped in the giant’s eyeball, could not escape this palm!
Although most of the impact was absorbed by the eyes, the remaining 30% of the huge force fell directly on Huang Kun’s back.
Huang Kun only felt a pain in his back, and then a huge force rushed into his body, just like a mountain falling and the ground cracking, and the structures in his body were quickly destroyed.
At this moment, Huang Kun couldn’t hold on anymore. He opened his mouth and spurted out a mouthful of blood. The blood was shockingly mixed with a lot of internal organ fragments!
This is also a helpless thing.
Huang Kun’s biological level is still four-star ordinary, although he is getting closer to the four-star elite, and with his strong combat power, it is possible to defeat even the enemies of the four-star elite.
But the Deep Sea Giant is always a four-star terror level enemy, and it is probably considered a strong one at the four-star terror level, plus the bonus of its huge size.
Huang Kun was undoubtedly seeking death if he faced this deep-sea giant head-on!
It can be said that Huang Kun plunged himself into a desperate situation in an instant!
/Even Wei Xiaobei, who was far away on the tanker, raised his strength slightly at this time. If Huang Kun persisted, he, as a master, would have no choice but to take action.
In an instant, Huang Kun noticed the serious injuries in his body.
Four ribs were broken, and one of them was pierced into the lung.