him in strength, it is still at the peak of a five-star average!

If nothing else, just a self-destruction would cause a huge pit to appear within a thousand miles, not to mention the extinction of all living things!
It may even cause changes in the land plates and trigger a series of natural disasters!
Therefore, we must not give the other party the slightest chance to counterattack!
Indeed, when this clone of the Lord of Light faces a powerful enemy, the only option he can choose is to self-destruct!
But the person he met was Wei Xiaobei, who had already seen through his thoughts.
Following Wei Xiaobei’s move, the Nine-headed Golden Crow shot through the white light in an instant, pouring countless light and heat into the Lord of Light’s clone, suppressing it!
The white light that kept pouring out just stopped!
But even so, only a small half of the Olympic Mountains were left at this time, and the rest was turned into magma in the pouring white light, flowing down, forming a huge lava lake on the ground!
/Although the Lord of Light clone was suppressed by Wei Xiaobei and the Golden Crow clone at this time, it was still resisting.
Wei Xiaobei could feel that in this huge ball of white light, the extremely rich energy was constantly gathering. If this trend continued, the white light would still explode in less than a week!
It seems that the only option is to send white light into the Aoki Blessed Land.
Only the World Tree in the Aoki Blessed Land can draw away the power from this white light and relieve the crisis of self-destruction.
Well, to be honest, Wei Xiaobei didn’t expect that he could defeat several powerful five-star ordinary level enemies so easily.
The five-star level and the four-star level are completely different concepts.
Any true five-star powerhouse has a world behind him to rely on!
There should be Apollo, the sun god, and there should be a clone of the Lord of Light, but the Seraphim should not be there.
The ultimate reason why Wei Xiaobei was able to capture them so easily was not only because he had enough clones and was strong enough, but also because the real world suppressed them!
As a real human being, Wei Xiaobei not only was not suppressed, he could even feel the help from the real world!
In this way, as soon as he entered and exited, the gap between Wei Xiaobei and those gods was invisibly widened again!
Let me ask you, who can win in a battle between a group of strong men and an underage student?
However, it is somewhat difficult to send this kilometer-high light ball into the Aoki Paradise.
The maximum diameter of the space channels that Wei Xiaobei can now open is only three hundred meters. To open more space channels, the power consumed is far beyond what Wei Xiaobei can bear now.
Like the thousand-meter light door opened by the Angel Legion, it took hundreds of thousands of angels working at the same time, guided by the Seraphim, and supplemented by the Heavenly Mountain exerting force on the opposite side, to successfully open the light door.
If Wei Xiaobei u