in Wei Xiaobei.

Wei Xiaobei could feel the muscles there shaking slightly, and then the rising and falling power tides in his body were triggered. The leaves were shattered into pieces in an instant, and the next moment, Wei Xiaobei’s feet were in the air and fell down instantly. .
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei was a little stunned.
It was just a leaf, and his own muscles launched an unconscious counterattack. Although the leaf was broken into pieces, the soil under Wei Xiaobei’s feet was also shaken into pieces, forming a deep pit of tens of meters, which crushed Wei Xiaobei. After putting it in, Wei Xiaobei was quite disgraced.
This power tide is also too sensitive.
Wei Xiaobei felt the tide of power in his body.
As for this so-called power tide, it is not displayed on the attribute panel.
But Wei Xiaobei knew that this was probably the hidden ability he gained after his strength attribute increased to 140 points.
It should be an advanced version of the power burst, or an ability that manifests Wei Xiaobei’s understanding of the rules of power after the power attribute reaches a certain level!
In the following time, Wei Xiaobei returned to his previous cautious state after the sudden increase in strength attributes.
Well, I couldn’t be careless. Just a leaf triggered a tide of power, causing a deep pit to explode under my feet. If I accidentally let the tide of power continue to get out of control, the central mountain range would probably be destroyed.
Not to mention the trouble he might cause after leaving Aoki Paradise and returning to reality.
Wei Xiaobei felt a headache when he thought that anyone who was close to him might be instantly exploded into a piece of flesh due to this tide of power, or that all the objects he was close to could be turned into powder, etc.
To be honest, although this power tide should be the embodiment of my understanding of the rules of power, I am still a little unable to figure out the situation of this power tide.
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei could only stay in that deep pit, slowly explore the tide of power, and slowly figure out a way to control this ability.
The ability of Tide of Power is quite powerful, but Wei Xiaobei raised the power attribute to 140 points at a considerable cost, consuming a full 480,000 evolution points!
/Wei Xiaobei could faintly feel that if he mastered this ability, it would be very difficult for him to be trapped by the tree realm of Guochang Daran.
Of course, it doesn’t mean that if you master this ability, you can be truly invincible and defeat Amaterasu, but Wei Xiaobei has a little power to protect himself when facing the real god!
He would not be chased by the gods until he had no way up to the sky and no way down to the earth. He would eventually have to escape back to the Aoki Blessed Land and lead the danger back to the Aoki Blessed Land.
To be honest, in the previous battle with Guochang Daran, if Wei Xiaobei hadn’t been helpless, it would have been impossible to lure him into the Aoki Paradise.
Time passed bit by bit in the Aoki Pa