ely when they were put together, but as time went by, the divinities merged with each other and became what they are now.

This is the natural fusion of divinity.
Divinities with the same attribute have the characteristic of attracting each other within a certain distance.
What’s more, these divinities come from the same source, so it is even easier to integrate them with each other.
Wei Xiaobei gently touched the divinity with his left hand. The divinity looked happy at Wei Xiaobei’s touch, and even jumped on the palm of his hand. A feeling of blood connection immediately spread to Wei Xiaobei’s heart, and accompanying it, Countless pious voices sounded in Wei Xiaobei’s heart.
“Great Sun God, your light illuminates the world”
/It has to be said that this feeling is quite novel for Wei Xiaobei.
But Wei Xiaobei still recognized that these voices came from those Sun God believers.
However, these sounds were extremely disturbing to Wei Xiaobei’s mind. Over time, Wei Xiaobei almost became immersed in them.
Fortunately, at the critical moment, Wei Xiaobei’s strong will came into play and he woke up from this chaotic sound.
Wei Xiaobei let out a long breath, and a layer of cold sweat broke out on his back.
/What a powerful influence!
Wei Xiaobei calmed down and understood.
This is the impact of faith.
Faith condenses divinity, and divinity is simultaneously affected by faith.
Wei Xiaobei just came into contact with this divinity and almost fell into it and was affected by that belief.
If he absorbed this divinity, Wei Xiaobei might not even be able to wake up.
To put it bluntly, this faith is the belief, worship, and admiration of something. The power of faith of many believers is condensed in one place, and over time, divinity can be condensed.
It is also true that the relationship between divinity and faith is complementary to each other. Divinity contains the wishes, wishes, and beliefs of many believers.
Anyone who absorbs the Divine will be affected by these things in the Divine.
Of course, the opposite effect is the powerful power brought by divinity!
It can be said that divinity is formed by gathering the power of everyone’s faith, so people who absorb divinity have undoubtedly gathered these powers!
Wei Xiaobei sighed, he made the right choice not to absorb divinity.
At the beginning, the amount of divinity in the mutated farmer’s market was very small, so if you absorbed it yourself, there shouldn’t be any problems, but if you continue on this path.
Wei Xiaobei could only become the sustenance of many beliefs, making it impossible for him to escape from this shackles, and was eventually controlled by these beliefs, thus becoming an aggregation of many beliefs.
Of course, this situation is only one of the possible situations. Wei Xiaobei may also maintain his own beliefs and not be assimilated by many beliefs. However, according to Wei Xiaobei’s calculations, the chance of success is only three percent at most!
In other words, if Wei Xiaobei chooses this path, he needs to risk a 90% ch