his own after seeing the Hundred-Armed Black Night Lord’s Hundred-Armed Sword!

Of course, understanding like this cannot be done at any time. Chance, timing and even understanding are all indispensable.
It can be said that although Wei Xiaobei’s clone is cloned from Wei Xiaobei’s original body in every aspect, this clone’s understanding seems to be much stronger than Wei Xiaobei’s original body.
Of course, this does not mean that the clone is necessarily more powerful than the main body.
Well, everything that the clone has experienced will be absorbed by the main body while returning to the main body, and all the memories and even various insights in its mind will be absorbed by the main body, making the main body stronger and stronger!
This is why beings who are good at the magical power of clones are much stronger in terms of growth than those who don’t know the magical powers of clones!
Think about it, one brain thinking about a problem from one direction is not as good as several brains thinking about a problem from different directions.
Of course, if the clone dies before returning to the main body, then the main body is equivalent to making a loss-making deal.
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei’s clone will not fight against the hundred-armed Night Lord, at least not now.
The gun gas emitted from the countless fragments of the accompanying big gun collided with the countless black sword Qi in an instant. Suddenly, a huge explosion sound rippled back and forth in the air, and even where the gun gas collided with the black sword Qi, an explosion appeared. Countless black lines!
There is no doubt that these black lines are the spatial cracks that appeared after the violent collision between the sword energy and the gun energy caused the space to become unstable!
It can be said that once an existence like Wei Xiaobei’s clone and the Hundred-Armed Night Lord fights in reality, it will be a terrible disaster for the surrounding environment!
After a black line appeared, it swam downwards and soon appeared on the wall of the human gathering place.
When it comes to today’s human gathering places, the walls they built are extremely strong. After all, these walls are the last defense facilities used to prevent ghosts from breaking into human gathering places. Therefore, human gathering places often build them to be extremely strong.
During the construction, the proportion of steel bars incorporated into it was even comparable to the proportions of air raid shelters or reservoir dams before the chaos!
It can be said that a wall like this can even withstand several rounds of large-caliber artillery fire at close range!
But such a solid wall is not much stronger than tofu in front of that space crack.
/Black space cracks gently swam across the wall, and then a crack appeared on the extremely strong wall, straight and flat, and the two sides of the crack could even reflect sunlight!
It can be said that if someone can make a space crack into a processing machine, then the items produced by this processing machine will be